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Amanda Rock

Make Giving Medicine Easier With Single-Dose PediaCare

By November 4, 2013

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Single dose PediacareLast week I took Mr. S. to get his flu vaccination. It didn't go well. We opted to give him the FluMist Nasal Spray because I thought it would be less traumatic for him than a shot. I was wrong. He didn't like the experience at all and he left the office in tears.

I was sorry the situation went the way it did, not only because I didn't want him to be upset, but I was concerned that if he had any side effects from the vaccination, I was going to have to give him medication to treat his symptoms. Do you know what Mr. S. hates more than getting a shot (or having to use nasal spray)? Taking medicine. It was a no-win situation for both of us.

One of the hardest parts of giving Mr. S. medicine is getting it into his mouth. He spills the cup, he drips it out of his lips -- to say nothing of me trying to pour out the right dosage with him crying and whining beside me. That's why I was so happy when I learned about new PediaCare® Single Dose Acetaminophen Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever. Designed for kids ages 12 and under, Single Dose PediaCare is pre-measured acetaminophen product packaged in individual, child-resistant, squeezable packets.

Easy-to-use and great-for-on the go, it definitely takes away some of the stress when I have to give my kids medicine. I know that no matter what, I'm giving the right dose. In fact, that's one of the reason it was developed. According to the folks at PediaCare, over-the-counter medications are involved in approximately one-third of emergency hospital visits among children under the age of 12. Of those visits, 80% of them are due to unsupervised children taking medications on their own and 10% are due to medication errors. Since there is only one dose in each packet, it becomes a lot harder for a child to overdose.

Dr. David Hill is a father and a pediatrician who has been working with PediaCare to educate parents on giving a child medication, specifically acetaminophen.

"Dosing instructions can be confusing for parents. PediaCare® Single Dose makes dosing simple and provides parents with peace of mind," said Dr. Hill. "This innovative product takes a trusted medicine and transforms it into an easy-to-use solution."

To learn more, you can watch a video from Dr. Hill here.

Does your preschooler take medicine easily?

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