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Christmas Gift Opening Checklist

Make sure you have these items on hand before the fun starts!


Before you begin the Christmas gift opening extravaganza, make sure you have these supplies on hand.

Before you begin the Christmas gift opening extravaganza, make sure you have these supplies on hand.


I don't know what your house is like on Christmas morning, but mine is complete chaos -- the good kind. A riot of food, ribbon, wrapping paper and gifts -- there's noise and excitement and a general feeling of happiness. And as parents, that's something you want to enjoy and not have to stop in the middle of to make sure the camera is charged, or hunt for a screwdriver so you can assemble a gift. So matter when you open you and your family open Christmas gifts -- Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, a different designated day or even all or a combination of the above, there are certain supplies you have at the ready. Keep them in a safe spot that you have easy access to so you can grab and go as needed.

  • Scissors or pliers to help open tough toy or electronic packages
  • Plenty of batteries
  • A fully charged camera and video camera (make sure there is room on your memory card)
  • Film (if you use it)
  • Any accessories to gifts that might be needed (USB cords, chargers, etc)
  • A simple set of tools, including both a Phillips-head and flathead screwdriver
  • Access to a computer with Internet, in case you need extra instructions assembling all those toys
  • Access to a computer with Internet with a video chat website like Skype opened so faraway relatives can take part in the festivities
  • Garbage bags for wrapping paper (make sure you check everything over to make sure you aren't throwing out anything important)
  • Pen and paper to keep track of who gave what (for thank-you notes)
  • A safe place to keep receipts (if the gifts are from other relatives or friends) in case you need to return anything
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