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Minnie Mouse Coloring Pages - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


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Minnie Mouse Coloring Page
Minnie Mouse coloring page

Minnie Mouse coloring page


While many preschoolers are big fans of the Disney Princesses, there really is no character sweeter than Minnie Mouse. For little ones who can't get enough of Mickey's best girl (er, mouse), a new DVD and digital copy is being released with a focus on Minnie. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: I Heart Minnie (compare prices) takes a look at Minnie in a few different favorite episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

DVD synopsis from Disney: Join Minnie, Daisy, and all your clubhouse pals for a mousekemagical celebration of friendship and fun. Today is Minnie's birthday, and you're invited! But, can Mickey and the gang get everything ready and keep the party under wraps until it's time to shout "Surprise!"? Only if you help them pick the right mouseketools. Next, jump up on your feet and dance with Daisy in the big talent show at Mickey Park. Then journey to the end of the rainbow to find Leprechaun Pete's pot of gold! Overflowing with music, laughter, and delightful never-before-seen adventures, I Heart Minnie is the perfect way to say, "I love you!"

The DVD is on one disc, has a run time of 110 minutes and is rated G.

When coloring with your preschooler, the focus shouldn't be on neatness or using the "right" colors. Staying within the lines isn't necessary! Instead, encourage your little one to be creative. The nice thing about coloring pages (especially free ones like these) is that you can print them again and again. So alternate how you color. Challenge your preschooler to match a picture of Minnie Mouse -- can she make the dress the same color? Then, on another go-round, mix it up a bit. Color a silly version of the page -- unusual colors, mismatched shoes, funky-colored flowers (make the stems multi-colored and the heads green) etc.

Click to enlarge this printable activity page featuring Minnie Mouse and other friends from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The show airs on Disney Junior. For more information, visit the Disney Junior website.

The coloring page is courtesy of Disney.

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