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25 Great Gifts for Dad

A collection of presents for the number one man in your life


What do you get for the man who always knows best? Whether it's Father's Day or Christmas, his birthday or just because, you know a tie just won't cut it anymore. This collection of 25 gifts for dad ranges from the indulgent to the practical to the simply fun (we all know dad is just a big kid!).

While this list is a great start, when buying for dad, grandpa, or uncle, consider his interests. Does he like collecting baseball cards? Visit a hobby shop for ideas. Does dad like to cook? Consider cookbooks, high-end equipment, or even foods and condiments from a mail-order supply or gourmet store. Another great no-fail gift idea is (if your budget allows) is to go away for the weekend. Failing that, try planning an outing that the whole family can take part in and enjoy.

Whatever gift for dad you choose, let your preschooler get in on the act by helping you shop and then wrap (and don't forget a handmade card!). Sure, if your preschooler is charge of the wrapping paper, the presentation might not be the best (think five or more bows!), but dad or grandpa or any other important guy will know that whatever is inside is truly from the heart!

  1. Gift card to driving range for a couple of baskets of balls
  2. iPad or iPad Mini
  3. Car washing gift set, or, better yet, wash his car for him
  4. Swiss Army Knife
  5. Model car kit
  6. A good quality flashlight
  7. Anything for his barbecue (I really like the branding iron!)
  8. Digital camera
  9. Noise-cancelling headphones
  10. Gift card to Redbox--movie rentals start at just $1 for one night!
  11. Pedometer
  12. A classic book
  13. GPS
  14. A fun gadget gift
  15. Tool kit
  16. Remote control vehicle -- not just for cars any more. There are tons of cool helicopters, airplanes, boats and more!
  17. A favorite movie or television series on DVD or Blu-ray
  18. Coins for the batting cage
  19. Television or movie streaming service
  20. Train set
  21. Gardening supplies
  22. Lego kits designed for grown ups
  23. Dinner and a movie -- treat him or give him a gift card
  24. A (tasteful) tie. (Or, if you are crafty, take his collection of ugly ties and try you hand at this stunning quilt.
  25. Time with you! (Truly, the best gift of all!)

Happy shopping!

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