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Popular Characters from Team Umizoomi

Who is your preschooler's favorite?


Want to get your preschooler excited about math? Try tuning in to Team Umizoomi, an animated show on Nick Jr. that covers basic math skills in a fun, exciting way. Concepts covered include counting, measuring, comparing, patterns and shapes. Working off the premise that math can be found anywhere in everyday life, the team helps others solve their problems using basic math skills. It works well, especially because the math is blended in naturally to the action on screen, part of songs and dance and some gentle humor.


Bot from Team Umizoomi on Nick Jr.
Nick Jr.

If there is a gadget or gizmo needed, Bot is your robot. A friend to everyone who is great for making people laugh, Bot is one of the smartest fellows around -- he's a super computer! He's also a great singer and dancer who can be counted on whenever the Team needs him. 

Bot is voiced by Donovan Patton of Blue's Clues fame.


Geo from Team Umizoomi on Nick Jr.
Nick Jr.

Need to know about shapes? Geo is your team member! The brother of Milli, Geo is a great builder. He's got a super-cool Shape Belt that gives him all the shapes he needs to build anything -- bulldozers, trains and in one case, a space shuttle! Geo also has Super Skates that takes him wherever he needs to go.

Geo is voiced by Ethan Kempner.


Milli from Team Umizoomi on Nick Jr.
Nick Jr.

When she grows up, she's bound to be a fashion designer! Six-year-old Milli is great at finding, fixing and creating patterns. But that's not even her greatest strength! Her cute ponytails can grow, serving as a ruler, a thermometer or a scale. Milli's got an eye for fashion and a great imagination.

Milli is voiced by Madeleine Rose Yen. In earlier episodes she was voiced by Sophia Fox.

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