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How to keep your preschooler happy and stimulated. A resource chock-full of ideas and suggestions for every circumstance. Best bet activities for preschoolers including organized sports, dance, art class, and camp plus fun ideas for the car, rainy days and vacations.
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Best Preschool Magazines
Obviously books are something you should be reading to your child, but magazines are a great option too. These preschool magazines are both fun and educational.

Types of Play
Think play is just letting your preschooler have some fun with some toys? While that's a part of it, play is definitely an important part of your child's social development. All about the different types of play.

Pop-up Books for Preschoolers
With tabs to pull, pages that unfold and a surprise at every turn, pop-up books offer your preschooler a chance to engage in imaginative play while they read.

How important is play to a preschooler? Incredibly. Sure, your child is having fun, but through play, children learn important social skills as well as develop physically and emotionally.

15 Snow Activities for Kids
Fun snow activities you can do outside with your preschooler.

Does Your Child Get Enough Activity at Preschool or Daycare?
Why keeping kids active at preschool or daycare (even if they go part-time) is so important and ideas on how to keep them moving.

Children's Books About Soccer
Does your preschooler play soccer? These children's books about soccer do a great job of explaining the sport, and making it relatable to kids.

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