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How important is play to a preschooler? Incredibly. Sure, your child is having fun, but through play, children learn important social skills as well as develop physically and emotionally.
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When it comes to preschoolers, toys are so much more than simple playthings. The right ones can be important tools that assist your little one in learning -- from reinforcing vocabulary building and early math skills to helping develop dexterity and gross and fine motor skills. Most importantly, toys are something your child should have fun with!

Indoor Activities

Marcy Maloy

For those days when you just can't get outside (or don't want to), fun ways to keep your active preschooler busy.

Outdoor Activities

Victoria Snowber

A beautiful day is incentive enough to go outside, but what should you do once you get there? Whether you are at home or on a day trip, ideas to keep your little one happy in the great outdoors.

Family Fun

Andersen Ross

What could be more fun then spending time together? Here's how to make the most of family time.


wordless wednesday soccer

An active family is a healthy family! Ways to run around together.

Birthday Parties and Holidays

Stuart Gregory

Preschooler-approved fun activities, recipes and ideas for celebrations held in and out of the home.

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