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Celebrating Birthday Parties & Holidays with your Preschooler

Preschooler-approved fun activities, recipes and ideas for celebrations held in and out of the home.
  1. Birthday Party Ideas (8)
  2. Easter (13)
  3. Father's Day (5)
  4. Halloween (15)
  5. Mother's Day (3)
  6. St. Patrick's Day (5)
  7. Valentine's Day (9)
  8. Winter Holidays (67)

Free Earth Day Printables
Earth Day is a holiday that your preschooler will probably be really enthusiastic about. Check out these Earth Day printables to help teach your child about the concept.

April Fools' Day Pranks
Have some fun with your preschooler with these silly April Fools Day prank ideas.

Fireworks Safety Tips
Safety tips from the National Council on Fireworks Safety.

Patriotic Toys and Games
Patriotic toys are a great way to teach your preschooler about the United States while letting them have fun.

Leprechaun Visit Ideas
A fun way to have some fun with your preschooler on St. Patrick's Day is to have a leprechaun visit!

Sending Kids' Thank You Notes
If your child is lucky enough to receive a present for her birthday or a holiday, she should be sure to thank the giver. Guidelines for sending kids' thank you notes.

Super Bowl Activities for Kids
Are you ready for some football? How about your preschooler? Get ready for the big game with these Super Bowl activities for kids.

Step Outside the Toybox: Gifts for Kids
Toys are great for preschoolers, but they aren't the only thing to give them. Here we list some top non-toy gifts for kids.

St. Patrick's Day Activities for Kids
Looking for ways to celebrate all things green this March? Try some of these St. Patrick's Day activities for kids!

4th of July Crafts for Kids
Get your little one into the patriotic spirit with these easy 4th of July crafts for kids.

Graduation Gifts for Preschool
These graduation gifts for preschool make a wonderful keepsake for your sweet little scholar.

Preschool Graduation Party Ideas
Getting ready to celebrate a preschool graduation? Check out these fun ideas!

Chloe's Closet Father's Day Projects
Free Father's Day projects from Chloe's Closet courtesy of PBS Sprout and Moonscoop Entertainment.

Happy Father's Day Card from Pocoyo

Easy Hanging Heart Craft
This hanging heart craft is perfect for Valentine's Day, but it also makes a cute gift year-round for a favorite friend or relative.

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