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Celebrating Holidays with Kids

Ideas and tips for enjoying the most wonderful time of the year


Celebrating holidays with kids is not only fun, it can make for some wonderful memories.

Celebrating holidays with kids is not only fun, it can make for some wonderful memories.

Brooke Slezak

It's no wonder that when you ask most people to name their favorite time of year, it's the days that fall between November and January get mentioned the most. Thanksgiving. Hanukkah. Christmas. New Year's. All special days that make for wonderful moments while they are happening and memories that will never be forgotten.

But the best part about celebrating holidays with kids is not only the actual days themselves, but the lead up to them. Baking, decorating, caroling, shopping, wrapping -- all fun activities made even more enjoyable when you include a child. The Guides on the About.com Parenting Channel have come together to share their best ways to enjoy holidays with kids. From favorite movies to ways kids can get involved with the decorating, you are sure to find a host of ways to make your holiday season more special than it already is.

Religious Observances
No matter what you celebrate, you are going to want to make it special for the whole family and all of your invited guests. Here's how.

Holiday Traditions
Whether you cut down your own Christmas tree every year or volunteer together in a soup kitchen, it's the traditions that are the foundation family holiday celebrations.

What Kids Can Learn from the Holiday Season
Of course the holidays are about fun, but there are also important lessons to be taught and learned.

Family Fun
While preparing for the holidays is certainly fun to do with kids, you also want to set aside some time to kick back and relax.

For more, please check out the creative tips and useful resources in our About Family Holiday Survival Guide.

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