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Putting a Stop to Holiday Greed in Children


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Managing Child Misbehaviors During the Holidays
holiday warmth

The holidays can bring out some of the best — and worst — behavior in children.

The holidays are filled with moments that make the most wonderful memories. A cozy nights spent around a fire, Christmas caroling, making cookies -- anything that allows you to spend time together as a family, enjoying each other's company. Unfortunately, the holidays can also bring out some not-so-great behaviors in little kids. Temper tantrums, rudeness -- sometimes even Santa has to deal with it too! While frustrating, child misbehaviors are very common during the holiday season. With upended schedules, new foods, new people, it's understandable (although not acceptable) if a little one has trouble handling everything that is going on.

One of the most common child misbehaviors has to do with getting a little too greedy. And again, while not a fun behavior to manage, it is one that makes sense -- for weeks on end, it seems, kids are given things or asked what they want or what they are asking for. The key is to try to keep it under control. Here's how.

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