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Your 3-Year-Old: Development and Milestones


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Parenting a 3-Year-Old
David Young-Wolf

Wondering what to expect from your 3-year-old? Something different every day!

David Young-Wolf
Whoever said good things happen in threes must have been thinking of a three-year-old. No longer a baby but not quite yet a big kid (but certainly don't tell your child that!), a three-year-old is a fun jumble of creativity, stubbornness, intelligence, independence, laughter and more. Parenting a three-year-old isn't just something you do every day, it is more like every day is an adventure!

On so many different levels, your child is growing and changing all the time -- sometimes right before your eyes. They can communicate more and with greater ease, they are starting to gain better control of their bodies and their ever-present imagination is getting more and more creative by the day. So what can you expect? Certainly something different all the time, but there are some basic milestones and skills that your little one should be mastering and practicing. It's important to note though, that every child is unique and develops at their own pace. While these are common milestones, they are also simply guidelines. If you feel your child is lacking in a certain area, you may want to check in with your pediatrician.

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