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How to Clean and Sanitize Toys
Wondering how to clean and sanitize toys? From the dishwasher, to good old elbow grease, there are lots of different methods you can employ. Here's how.

How to Organize Stuffed Animals
Does your preschooler have a lot of furry friends? How to organize stuffed animals so they don't take up too much room, and are easily accessible for your little one.

Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free or Cheap
Thinking about taking your preschooler out for dinner? Try one of these family-friendly restaurants where kids eat free (or really inexpensively!).

Looking for Helpful Kids? Ask the Right Way
Researchers at the University of California, San Diego explain how to raise helpful kids -- it is easier than you think!

How to Remove Chewing Gum
Chewing gum can be hard to remove from hair and carpets, but it can be done. Here's how.

How to Remove Crayon Stains
When your budding artist creates a masterpiece not quite where you wanted it to be, tips for how to remove crayon.

Family-Friendly Television Shows
With this list of family-friendly television shows, you can all sit down together and watch tv as a family -- preschoolers included!

Live with Kelly Ripa!
America's funniest mom Kelly Ripa shares her tips for feeding picky preschoolers and entertaining a crowd.

Moving with Kids: Tips to Help You Relocate Your Family
If you are planning on moving, you know it can be stressful. Imagine how your kids must feel. How to help them cope.

Learn to Take Good Photos of Your Children
Want to capture your preschooler's bubbly personality in a picture? How to take good photos of your children.

Starting a School Morning Routine
Need to get out the door faster? A morning routine can help!

Joan Lunden
America's mom, Joan Lunden, talks about preschoolers, parenting and her new cookware line, Twiztt.

Preschool Furniture Sources
Looking for inspiration for your child's bedroom or playroom? Check out this resource of online and brick-and-mortar sellers and preschool furniture.

How Old is Too Old for Family Nudity?
A reader asks if it family nudity is OK in front of her preschooler.

Teaching Your Preschooler Table Manners
It's important to teach your preschooler table manners now so as they get older, they have good social skills. The key to early etiquette is to be a good role model.

The 7 Best Family Pets for Preschoolers
A family pet is a great way to teach your preschooler about responsibility and unconditional love. Here are seven great options to choose from.

Childproofing Your Home
Tips and techniques for keeping your home safe and secure for your child. Learn about the most common hazards and how you can prevent them.

At-home Art Gallery
Running out of room for all of the masterpieces that your child brings home from school? Check out this quick tip for ideas on where to put them.

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