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Preschool Furniture Sources

Where to buy pieces for your child's bedroom, playroom and more


Looking to decorate your child's bedroom or playroom? Or maybe you need a certain piece to make your living or family room more kid-friendly? There is a host of preschool furniture available, both at traditional brick-and-mortar stores as well as online retailers. While some stores offer a mix of both children's and adult furniture, there are also dozens of places that gear specifically to kids. Here are our favorites from both categories.

Guide to Prices: (most will be a range, depending on sales)

  • $ - Inexpensive
  • $$ - Moderate
  • $$$ - Luxury

IKEA ($)

IKEA is a great resource for children's furniture
If you can, you'll want to shop in an actual IKEA store as opposed to online. Not only is it less expensive to bring everything home with you, but going to an IKEA is an experience you'll never forget. With a range of furniture, bedding, toys, accent pieces and more, IKEA is a one-stop-shop of everything you could possibly need for a child's room (plus things you didn't even know you needed). Pieces tend to be trendy, but simple and uncluttered. As a bonus, you and your kids will get the giggles at all the great names -- a chair called "Kritter" for example. One note of caution -- while IKEA is inexpensive, assembly is not included in the price, so make sure you are able to put together whatever you purchase.

Walmart ($)

Say what you will about Walmart, but they offer a good selection of children's furniture and accessories in colors and patterns that appeal to kids of different ages. Available both online and in stores (more is available online and there is a ship-to-store option available to keep shipping costs down), the pieces are inexpensive and trendy and come in a variety of styles. Keep in mind, however, there is a direct correlation between the price and the quality, so don't expect things to last forever. Still, it's definitely a one-stop-shop and if you don't want to spend a lot, this is the place to go.

Target ($-$$)

target offers a range of children's furniture
Walk through the children's decor aisles at Target and you'll be turning your head this way and that, so impressive is the variety of home ornamentation items. Featuring mostly accent pieces (in the stores anyway, go online for a lot more furniture options), with a range that appeals from boys to girls, from nursery to teen, you'll definitely be able to find something that your little one will like. For the most part, offerings are trendy as opposed to traditional -- think a lot of bright colors and patterns, although for little ones there are common favorites like trucks and flowers that change with the seasons but are regularly available.

Amazon ($-$$$)

amazon offers a host of preschool furniture
Amazon/Levels of Discovery
While Amazon doesn't manufacturer their own pieces, this is another retailer where you can buy just about anything from anyone at any price, thanks to what Amazon offers themselves, as well as what is being sold by their resellers. While this is great from a quantity/availability standpoint, keep in mind you could be paying more in some cases (and certainly less too) and since you are buying online, you don't get to physically check the quality of what you are buying. Returns are also handled fully online, so expect to pay more in shipping. Still, you could spend hours sifting through the site finding some great pieces (like this Levels of Discovery Rocker, left [compare prices]), and the customer reviews are usually very helpful.

Kids Rooms to Go ($$)

Kids Rooms to Go
Kids Rooms to Go
If you aren't sure where to start decorating your child's room, Kids Rooms to Go offers moderately priced packages that include everything from the bed to the linens. There are assembly and delivery options too, so all you need to do is hand over your credit card. The quality is good, customer service is dependable and special financing is available. If you aren't looking for an entire room, items are also able to be purchased separately. Shop online or in stores.

jcpenny ($$)

jcpenny is a good resource for children's furniture
With shopping available both online (with exclusives) and in stores, jcpenny offers a wide variety of pieces at different price points. Quality is good and with a little bargain hunting you should be able to find deals to lower the price. Like many of the other retailers, you can buy a collection (include bedding) or individual pieces.

My Urban Child ($$-$$$)

My Urban Child
My Urban Child
If you are looking for a modern look, check out My Urban Child, a collection of furniture on the cutting edge of children's home decor. While there are pieces that are more whimsical and childlike, you'll find a lot of funky patterns, sleek lines and fittings that look like they belong in a modern art museum -- in a kid-friendly museum that is. If you follow the store on Facebook, you'll be privy to daily flash sales.

Pottery Barn Kids ($$$)

Pottery Barn Kids
Pottery Barn Kids
Couple of things to know before you shop at Pottery Barn Kids: you will pay more, but the quality is excellent and will last and; if you decorate your child's room from here, the rest of your house will be envious. Offerings are available both online and in stores and usually in a collection. While the looks are timeless, they are still on trend and appealing to a wide range of tastes and home decors. Each theme offers a ton of details in the form of accent pieces -- bedding, wall stickers, lighting, hangings and more -- and items work together well as a group or individually, depending upon what you are looking for.

The Land of Nod ($$$)

The Land of Nod
The Land of Nod
Geared solely at kids, this brand is an offshoot of popular retailer Crate and Barrel. Featuring furniture and accents in both collections and as individual pieces, The Land of Nod really runs the gamut in terms of what is available. There are some really fun and quirky pieces here and you can really have fun looking at everything that they offer. It's important to note though that collections change regularly so if you think you like a theme, consider buying it all (if your budget allows it) or what you think you really want as it might not be available in six months.

Bograd Kids ($$$+)

bograd is the ultimate in children's furniture
Bograd Kids
It doesn't get much more high-end than Bograd Kids, a collection of beautiful, well-made children's furniture you would think you could only find in your imagination. The pieces run the gamut from beds to bookcases to vanity tables and the quality is unquestionable. Prices are not listed on the website, you must call for a quote. There are sales -- every day, the proprietor, Zoya Bograd, ASID, will put something on sale for 24 hours. You do have register with the site to be notified though.

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