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Chores for Kids

20 Easy Tasks That Encourage Preschoolers to Help Around the House


Think your preschooler is too young to help around the house? Assigning simple chores to your little one is a great way to develop her sense of responsibility and self esteem. When assigning chores for your child, it's important to consider her age and ability level. And remember, he will make mistakes. The important thing is that he is pitching in to the household and feels like a contributing member of the family.

Here's a list of simple chores appropriate for children ages 3-5.

1. Feed household pets

Mixed race girl sweeping kitchen floor
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2. Help sort the laundry

3. Place napkins and plastic plates and utensils on the dinner table

4. Bring in the mail or newspaper

5. Bring their empty dinner plate to the counter

6. Pick up their toys

7. Water plants and flowers

8. Wipe off and dust furniture

9. Sweep the floor

10. Help wash the car

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