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All food all the time including kid-tested recipes and tips for cooking with your preschooler.
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Healthy Alternatives to Juice and Sugary Drinks for Kids
When your child is thirsty, instead of handing over some juice, soda, or other sugary drink, try one of these healthy alternatives instead.

Back-to-School Snack Ideas
Good-for-you snacks your little one will love!

10 Superfoods for Kids
These nutrient-packed superfoods for kids will add a healthy punch to your preschooler's diet.

Soccer Star Mia Hamm Talks Whole Grains, Happy Families
Busy mom to three (including twins!) and soccer star Mia Hamm is the spokesperson for the Grain Foods Foundation. Read how she keeps her busy family active and healthy.

Getting Preschoolers Involved in Making (and Eating) Nutritious Meals
Don't think your preschooler can be involved in making, much less eating nutritious meals? Try these easy-to-follow tips from Erin Dow, Expert Chef for Guiding Stars.

How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables
Getting kids to eat vegetables doesn't have to lead to a food fight. Follow our tips to help your little one get on the path to a healthy eating lifestyle.

What You Need to Know About the USDA MyPlate
Say goodbye to the food pyramid and hello to the food plate. The new MyPlate from the U.S. Department of Agriculture was designed to help people make better food choices. Here's how to use it to best feed your little one.

How to Increase Vitamin D in Your Preschooler's Diet
The American Academy of Pediatrics is doubling the amount of vitamin D as previously recommended for all children. Here's how to make sure your preschooler gets enough.

Kids Snacks They'll Love
Kids snacks don't have to be unhealthy -- not at all! These options are perfect for a lunchbox or after-school and will leave your kids asking for more!

Kelly Ripa's Summer Cocktails
Refreshing summer cocktails from Kelly Ripa are great at a party, or even on a lazy Sunday when you want to relax.

Playful Chef Cooking Kit Review
Full review of the Playful Chef Cooking Kit by Playful Life

Shapely Sandwiches
Whether you've got a picky eater or just want to bring some fun to the table, try this quick tip at lunch.

Squeeze Bottle Success
If you've got a fussy eater, try this quick tip at your next meal.

Supermarket Strategies
Don't think a trip to the grocery store with your preschooler can be fun? Check out our creative ideas to make your next visit to the supermarket a smooth one.

Your Three-Year-Old -- What You Need to Know
What you need to know about your child at age three. Includes information about normal development, nutrition and health.

Your Four-Year-Old -- What You Need to Know
What you need to know about your child at age four. Includes information about normal development, nutrition and health.

Your Five-Year-Old -- What You Need to Know
What you need to know about your child at age five. Includes information about normal development, nutrition and health.

How to Get Kids Cooking
Parents and kids cooking together is a great way to spend an afternoon. Why even preschoolers can (and should) help out in the kitchen.

Top Family Restaurants
It's a lot of fun going out to dinner! Wondering where to go? Try one of these family restaurants.

Healthy Hot Dogs
Looking for good tasting, healthy hot dog options? Try these preschooler approved frankfurters!

Coloring page -- USDA Food Pyramid
A Black and white picture of the MyPyramid Food Pyramid as suggested by the USDA for kids to color. [PDF]

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