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Homemade "Jake the Never Land Pirates" Halloween Costumes


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How to Make "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" Halloween Costumes
Make your own homemade Jake and the Never Land Pirates costume

It's easy to make a homemade Halloween pirate costume with tips from Zachary Bilemdjian, a Disney Junior costume designer who works on Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

Disney Junior

Has your preschooler decided on a Halloween costume? If her favorite character comes from the popular Disney Junior show Jake and the Never Land Pirates, you are in luck. Disney Junior costume designer Zachary Bilemdjian has come up with some quick, easy and affordable instructions on how to create Jake, Izzy and Cubby costumes at home.

A pirate expert, Bilemdjian has worked as the costume designer on the live-action music videos with The Never Land Pirate Band for the second season of "Jake and the Never Land Pirates," which will premiere in early 2012. He can also be seen on The Live Well Network as a regular contributor to Home with Lisa Quinn, where he bridges fashion with home design.

Check out Bilemdjian's tips on how to make your own Jake and the Never Land Pirates Halloween costumes at home. If you do end up making a costume for your child this year, he'd love to see the photos! Share them by posting to the Disney Junior Facebook page or Twitter account.

Ahoy and happy Halloween!

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Costume instruction courtesy of Zachary Bilemdjian/Disney Junior

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