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Halloween Books for Preschoolers

Eight not-so-scary tales to read on a dark and stormy night


It's no wonder that when it comes favorite holidays, Halloween is tops on kids' lists. And what's not to love? Imaginative sides can come out to play with cool costumes, there are thousands of creative crafts to make and of course, there's the food (and don't forget all that candy!). And while the day itself is so much fun, the anticipation of it all -- parties, parades, decorating and more -- is also great to get caught up in. Younger preschoolers may not know too much about the holiday, while older ones likely can't wait for it to start. Get little ones of all ages into the spirit with these great Halloween books. 

1. Boo Who?

Boo Who? by Joan Holub

How good is your preschooler at solving riddles? This fun Halloween book shares a rhyme on one side of the page and the lift-the-flap answer on the other side. A great book for emerging readers, it features many words in bold, large type to help little ones practice and recognize popular words. The fun comes at the end when a big surprise awaits you and your little one on the very last page!

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2. Corduroy's Best Halloween Ever!

Corduroy's Best Halloween Ever!

Is there any childhood character sweeter than Corduroy? In this sweet story, the stuffed bear and all of his friends are getting ready for Halloween. But like most young children, Corduroy is having trouble choosing the perfect costume (sound familiar?!?). After he finally makes up his mind and makes one of his own, a friend runs into trouble. What should Corduroy do? A great tale of creativity and being a good friend.

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3. Max's Halloween

Max's Halloween
Viking Juvenile/PriceGrabber

Sweet but mischievous Max (from Max & Ruby fame on television and the classic books by Rosemary Wells) is back in this fun Halloween tale. Max would prefer to carry his own treats when he and big sister Ruby go trick-or-treating, but she insists on helping him. In typical Max fashion, he figures out a way to get back what he worked so hard for. A bonus -- the wonderful treat names. Wouldn't it be great to try fruit bats, grape grenades or a gummy toad or two?

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4. Five Little Pumpkins

Five Little Pumpkins by Dan Yaccarino

Surely you've heard the rhyme of the five little pumpkins, the ones sitting on a gate? Whether you are familiar with the story or not, you and your preschooler will enjoy this version illustrated by Dan Yaccarino. His pumpkins have real personality! Couple the illustrations with the catchy cadence and this book will be a Halloween classic in your home.

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5. Monster Tales: Pumpkin Patch Party

Monster Tales: Pumpkin Patch Party
Random House/PriceGrabber

Ask any preschooler, and they would likely tell you that the ultimate kids Halloween party would involve monsters -- the friendly monsters from Sesame Street of course! This chunky board book is great for younger preschoolers who are just getting used to the whole idea of Halloween. It features lots of fun flaps to lift as well as their favorite characters from the most famous street in the world. There are lots of great Halloween details to look for in this pumpkin patch, including a ghost that bears a very famiiar resemblance to a certain feathered friend.

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6. 10 Trick-or-Treaters

10 Trick-or-Treaters by Janet Schulman , Linda Davick
Random House/PriceGrabber

When going trick-or-treating on Halloween, it's always fun to go in a group. But in this offering from Janet Schulman and illustrator Linda Davick, friends keep disappearing! Don't worry though, it's all OK, even if the kids keep encountering scary creatures like bats, spiders and other creepy crawlies. The fun rhyme has a nice beat and the drawings provide great details for little ones to spot. A great way to practice counting and get ready for Halloween all at the same time. 

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7. The Ultimate Halloween Sticker Book

The Ultimate Halloween Sticker Book
DK Publishing/PriceGrabber

There are lots of different icons that are completely associated with Halloween -- pumpkins, witches, black cats -- and you'll find them all in The Ultimate Halloween Sticker Book complied by DK Publishing. Gorgeous full-color photgraphs are found here in sticker format, great for your preschooler to decorate the marked pages inside or use for their own artwork. There are over 70 easy-to-peel stickers that can be used again (if your little one is careful). 

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8. We Love Halloween! (Dora the Explorer)

We Love Halloween! (Dora the Explorer)
Random House Books for Children/PriceGrabber

Are you ready for a Halloween adventure? When Dora the Explorer is around, of course! Everyone's favorite young heroine stars in this coloring/sticker book, chock-full of lots of activities suitable for little ones. Even better, the two pages of stickers glow in the dark, offering your preschooler a chance to make some great pictures that will fit right in with your spooky Halloween decor.

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