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Top Picks for Your Little One


Going back-to-school is always an exciting time for most kids and parents, especially if it is the first time your child is attending. If you've got a little one starting preschool for the first time, a great way to help her get prepared is to take her back-to-school shopping.

Before buying, you may want to check with your child's teacher to find out what supplies they need and what they would prefer you don't bring. In any case, keeping some supplies on hand at home is always a good idea -- one can never have too many markers, crayons or paper.

Here are our top picks for some super-smart gear that is sure to put your little one at the head of the class.

Top Tips for First Day of School Success

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Dante Beatrix Little Kid Backpack SetDante Beatrix Little Kid Backpack SetMabels Labels bag tagsMabel's Labels Bag TagsSchool Years by momAgendaSchool Years by momAgendacrayola washable markersCrayola Washable Markers
Grandin Road Personalized Note CardsGrandin Road Personalized Note CardsFiskars Pre-School ScissorsFiskars Preschool ScissorsMelissa & Doug Triangular Crayons - 24 packMelissa & Doug Triangular CrayonsPlay-Doh Favorite Colors 4-PackPlay-Doh Favorite Colors
Elmer's Washable School Glue - PurpleElmer's Washable School Glue - PurpleRainy Day Kids Pirate Lunch BoxRainy Day Kids Pirate Lunch BoxMy NapPakMy NapPak
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