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Math Made Easy Tip #4 -- Expanding Your Child's Math Skills

Shape of Things to Come


Teaching your children about shapes will open up many doors for future academic success. Whether drawing, looking for or physically touching and manipulating objects of different shapes, learning about an item's dimensions will help her develop reasoning skills and teach your child basic geometry.

A good start is to identify shapes that your child comes across every day. For example, the TV is a rectangle, the plate is a circle and the birdhouse is a triangle. As your preschooler if he can name the shapes that he comes across. As he gets better at recognizing these common forms, play with toys that deal with shapes -- puzzles, blocks and shape sorters. Handling shapes on a three-dimensional level is great for spatial reasoning.

When coloring or drawing with your little one, draw out a bunch of shapes and let her trace them. Use basic shapes to make pictures of common items -- a house or a tree perhaps -- and encourage your child to draw his own using these basic shapes.

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