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In terms of education, scaffolding is a method of teaching, designed to offer students structure and support, much like its construction counterpart. The idea is that new lessons and concepts can be more readily understood and comprehended if there is support given to a child as they are learning. It can also involve teaching a child something new by utilizing things that they are already know or can already do.

In early childhood education, scaffolding can be implemented in many ways. For example:

  • If a child knows how to draw a straight vertical line, you can then show them how to draw a straight horizontal line. Once those two skills are mastered, they can put it together to draw a square.
  • Once a child recognizes a specific letter, you can teach the sound and then words that start with that sound.
  • A child that can use safety scissors can utilize that skill to use a hole punch.

Also Known As: scaffold learning, scaffold method, scaffold teaching, instructional scaffolding

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