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Mothers of Preschoolers International or MOPS



Mothers of Preschoolers International or MOPS, is a non-profit organization geared at the mothers of young children (pre-kindergarten). Through local chapters and meeting groups moms are encouraged to come together where they participate in parenting workshops, can attend convections and lectures and simply make new friends.

A faith-based group, members explore their relationships with God and Jesus Christ as it relates to their parenting. The size of each chapter varies, with some meetings attracting 200 members. Children participate in a MOPPETS program, providing childcare while their mothers meet.

In 2009, the group reported over 102,000 members worldwide in 4,052 groups in 30 countries.

Contact information:
2370 South Trenton Way
Denver, CO 80231-3822

Also Known As: MOPS

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