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Bank Street Method



The Bank Street method employs a child-centered education program focusing on diversity of curriculum. Students are offered active educational opportunities in areas that develop cognitive, emotional, physical and social growth. Learning often includes more than one subject and in groups, allowing that children learn at various levels and using different methods.

A driving principal behind the Bank Street philosophy is that children can become lifelong learners by interacting with the environment around them, including other people, different places and various things, and then interpret what they've just experienced. Students are offered myriad opportunities in which to do this -- blocks, dramatic play, puzzles, field trips and lab work.

Students are usually accepted as young as 3, although you should check with your individual school.

Bank Street College in New York City was founded in 1916 by Lucy Sprague Mitchell. Today, it houses a graduate school in education, the School for Children and Family Center, the Division of Continuing Education, and the Publications and Media Group.

Also Known As: Bank Street College of Education

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