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Preschool Assessment



Preschool teachers use some form of preschool assessment to evaluate how a preschool student is doing in various skill areas including gross and fine motor; eye-hand coordination; recognition of letters, shapes, numbers and colors; speech; and social. Depending on the method used, the assessment can be formal or informal, but in most cases, your child won't notice anything different going on as they are usually conducted in the course of classroom activities.

Based on the results of the assessment, teachers can fine-tune their lessons and instructions to better suit the needs of the child. If your child is being assessed, make sure you are able to see a copy of the results and, are able to talk to the teacher about what they mean.

Forms of assessment include Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning (DIAL), DIAL-3, authentic, anecdotal, Preschool COR (Child Observation Record) (primarily used by schools that employ the HighScope Method), Creative Curriculum Continuum and the Meisels Work Sampling System.

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