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Print-rich Preschool Environment


Definition: In a print-rich preschool environment, preschoolers are exposed to a host of different materials geared at reading and writing. Not only are the materials readily available for little ones to access as they wish, but their use are encouraged on an organic level -- their utilization comes naturally, through lessons and play.

Materials in this type of classroom can range from books to magazines to signs. The more the better, especially if the children are encouraged to use them. Other forms of materials that encourage literacy are:

  • Word cards (with illustrations so non-readers can identify what they are seeing)
  • Word walls (with illustrations so non-readers can identify what they are seeing)
  • Paper and writing instruments -- crayons, markers, pencils, etc -- that can be used whenever a child likes
  • Calendars -- monthly, weekly, daily
  • A welcoming reading corner or area with more than enough reading materials (books and magazines) and chairs
  • Labels identifying different things in the classroom -- for example, books, door, window, etc.
  • White board or black board where children can help write words
  • Attendance chart
  • Birthday list

The possibilities are endless. The ultimate goal of a print-rich preschool environment is to explore the written world while building up enough confidence to start to read and write themselves. In a preschool classroom, when it comes to books and literacy materials, the motto should be, "the more the merrier."

Also Known As: literacy-rich environment
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