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Parenting Tips from Celebrity Moms

Secrets from moms in the Hollywood spotlight


Think you are the only one who struggles balancing being a mom with everything else you do? You definitely are not alone. Believe it or not, celebrity moms have the same concerns, fears, failures, and triumphs as everyone else. Check out these parenting tips and secrets from celebrity moms such as Joan Lunden (how to do it all), Alyson Hannigan (how to potty train), and more!

Entertaining Tips from Kelly Ripa

tips from celebrity mom kelly ripa
Every morning on Live with Kelly and Michael, mom-to-three Kelly Ripa comes into our homes, bringing with her not only celebrity guests and delicious recipes, but a lot of fun too! When it is time for her to welcome friends into her own home, Ripa takes that mom-next-door-friendliness and sweet charm and shares with both her grown up and young guests plenty of good food and things to do.

"I always make sure that I get the kids involved. Our kids are involved in every aspect of our lives and it’s always been that way. We don’t really separate the kids from our adult friends. I think that makes them interesting kids quite frankly. I always make sure though that there is something for them to do. Something that is amusing for the kids so they are not standing around telling their parents that they want to leave or that they are bored."

Joan Lunden on Being a "Supermom"

Joan Lunden and two of her sons, Max and Jack.
If they ever add the word "supermom" to the dictionary, chances are they'll show a photo of Joan Lunden alongside of the entry. Mom to seven, including two sets of twins, Lunden isn't just one of America's beloved television personalities. She's a bestselling author, a successful entrepreneur, and a motivational speaker. What's amazing is that she does it all well. Really well.

"I think the way I've been able to do it over the years by being incredibly organized. Truly, that is the secret to sanity if you are trying to juggle things that require so much of you, such as parenting and a job outside the home," Lunden said.

Potty Training Tips from Alyson Hanningan

Share your child's potty training success with others
When Alyson Hannigan, from the popular CBS show "How I Met Your Mother," as well as the fan-favorite "Buffy the Vanpire Slayer" and assorted movies, started potty training her three-year-old daughter, Satyana, she threw a potty training party, sponsored by Pull-Ups. All of Satyana's friends boogied down to the Potty Dance (a motivational tool to get kids to use the toilet) and learned about the best ways to encourage little ones to start using the toilet.

"From song and dance, to stickers, treats, badges and coloring sheets, toddlers love earning rewards for success," Hannigan said.

Jane Seymour on Parenting Multiples

Actress and mom to six, Jane Seymour
Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown
Mother of six Jane Seymour can be found on stage and screen, both large and small. An accomplished painter, she is married to actor/director James Keach. As the mother to twin sons, Kris and Johnny, she knows the challenges that raising multiples can bring. Here, in an interview on the About.com Twins and Multiples site, she shares her thoughts on her sons, including how she breastfed them and how she does her best to bring them up as individuals.

"It’s a remarkable, wonderful adventure and I keep telling the boys, 'You’ll always have this unique connection that the rest of us don’t have. For the rest of your life,'" Seymour said.

Mia Hamm on Living a Healthy Life

Mia Hamm
Getty Images/Lisa Blumenfeld
Soccer star Mia Hamm is a busy mom to three. Now retired from the sport, the Olympic and World Cup champion can often be found speaking out about keeping families active and what parents can do to make sure kids get good foundations now so they'll always live a healthy lifestyle. As the spokesperson for the Grain Food Foundation, she hopes to encourage families to eat more whole grains as part of their daily, healthy diet.

"[Living a healthy life] has to be a priority. I think first and foremost, the lessons we can teach our kids now are going to better serve them throughout the rest of their lives. We have a huge influence and impact on their health and nutrition. One of the reasons why I chose to do this [serve as a spokesperson for the Grain Foods Foundation] is not only do I believe in it, but it helps me to continually reinforce the decisions I make. Not only in my life, but in my kids lives. Like making sure they live an active lifestyle as well as eating healthy and bringing in grains and whole grains to their diet. They can't cook for themselves, so I make those decisions. They can't drive themselves to fast food. It doesn't mean we don't go to eat but when we do we try to make better decision there are always exceptions."

Fire Safety with Holly Robinson Peete

Holly Peete
To Holly Robinson Peete, one of the most important things in life is keeping her family safe. That's why she teamed up with insurance giant Liberty Mutual to increase the awareness of fire safety, particularly for families with children. Peete, a popular TV actress who has starred in shows such as Hangin' With Mr. Cooper, For Your Love and 21 Jump Street, says it is important to her that parents are aware of the dangers that fire can pose to the home.

"My four children are my world, so I do everything I can to ensure their safety," she said. "This includes making sure that my home is free of fire hazards and talking to them often about fire safety."

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