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Potty Training

Time-tested techniques and ideas designed to get your preschooler out of diapers.

How to Start Potty Training
So, you've (and maybe your little one) have decided it's time to start potty training -- that's great! Here's how to get going.

Help! My Child Won't Poop on the Potty
It can be very frustrated if your child refuses to poop on the potty. Learn how to help her go without fuss or stress.

Solving Potty Training Problems
Try these potty training secrets to help solve these common potty training problems.

When to Start Potty Training
Ready to say goodbye to diapers for good? How to tell when to start potty training your child.

Potty Training Aids
Toilet learning will get a little earlier with these great potty training aids.

How to Potty Train a Boy
Potty training a boy isn't more difficult than potty training a girl, but there are special considerations. A mom asks how to teach her son how to pee standing up.

Children's Potty Training Books
If you are potty training a preschooler, it's a good idea to let them read books about the subject before and during the process. Here are our top children's potty training books.

What do I do About Potty Training Accidents?
How do you handle potty training accidents? Advice to a reader on the best ways to cope with a potty training accident.

Potty Training Tips from Alyson Hannigan
When you've got a preschooler, potty training tips are always helpful. Television star Alyson Hannigan has some great ideas from when she taught her daughter Satyana, including how to do the Potty Dance.

How To Prevent Bedwetting
Bedwetting is very common in preschool-aged children. Here's how to help them keep their nights dry.

7-Day Potty Training E-Course
This course delivered to your e-mail inbox is a compilation of knowledge from all the parenting guides at About. Sign up today to learn how to get started on the road to potty training success.

Bedwetting Remedies
Does your preschooler have trouble staying try at night? Parents share their best bedwetting remedies.

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