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Potty Training Tips from Alyson Hannigan

How to Potty Train Ideas from the Television Star


Potty training tips from Alyson Hannigan (and her daughter Satyana!).

It's a reality of life. If you are a parent or caregiver, at some point, you are going to have teach your child (or children) how to use the toilet. This is usually not a fun task, not something that anyone looks forward to or relishes, but once it is finished and your child is out of diapers, you'll be more than happy about it. For my husband, it was all about giving up the diaper bag!

The thing about potty training is that everyone has a different method or strategy that they employ. No matter how you choose to go about "toilet learning," or what age you start your child (most usually start around two, although some children learn when they are younger and others learn when they are older) there are always potty training tips to be found and tried.

Even celebrities have to potty train their little ones and (luckily for us) have some of their own tips and hints to follow. Alyson Hannigan, from the popular CBS show "How I Met Your Mother," as well as the fan-favorite "Buffy the Vanpire Slayer" and assorted movies, is the mother of a nearly three-year-old daughter, Satyana who is learning how to potty train.

Recently the mommy-daughter pair threw a Potty Training party and invited all of their friends to share in the fun together. Sponsored by Pull-Ups (compare prices), the party featured the Potty Dance, a motivational tool to get kids to use the toilet. To see footage from the party (photos below), check out the Pull-Ups channel on YouTube.

When the fun was over, she shared some great advice for parents like her who have found potty training to be more difficult than expected. Below are all five of Alyson Hannigan’s potty training tips for parents!

1. Pick a Day to Start

Pick a day to start potty training
It doesn’t matter what day you decide to begin potty training, but picking a day to start is the first step. Once you’ve decided you’re starting, it’s easy to get your little one excited about potty training and becoming a Big Kid.

2. Do the Dance

The Potty Dance is a perfect celebration routine to make potty training fun
Toddlers and preschoolers love dancing – The Potty Dance is a perfect celebration routine to make potty training fun. Learn the catchy tune and simple dance steps together to celebrate the start of potty training – and stay motivated along the way.

3. Celebrate!

Invite guests over for a Potty Dance Party
Potty training is a huge milestone, so kick it off with a celebration you, your little one and all your friends can get excited about together. Invite guests over for a Potty Dance Party, and get the toddlers and preschoolers geared up to take on potty training with awesome activities and song downloads from Pull-Ups.com.

4. Remember the Rewards

It's important to reward a child who is learning how to use the potty.
From song and dance, to stickers, treats, badges and coloring sheets, toddlers love earning rewards for success. Reward your Big Kid® for starting potty training, and show off their training status and successes. Fun rewards can even be found at Pull-Ups.com.

5. Share the Success

Share your child's potty training success with others
Show others how to start potty training the fun way and join the community of millions of potty training parents and toddlers starting potty training this year. Visit the Pull-Ups® YouTube channel to share videos of your version of The Potty Dance and your toddler’s Big Kid® celebration.

Photos and text from Alyson Hannigan all courtesy of Pull-Ups, Kimberly Clark.

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