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Children's Potty Training Books

Great toilet-learning tomes to introduce your little one to the process


When you are about to take on a new task that you know very little about, how do you go about learning about the subject matter? For me, reading books is very helpful -- I find that the right book tells me almost everything I need to know and what I can expect. If you are about to start the potty training process with your preschooler, reading books about the subject is a great way to introduce them to what is going on and how to do it while giving them some confidence. The great thing about many potty training books it that there are often two versions -- one for boys and one for girls. That's important, because when a child can relate to the main character of a story, they are more likely to emulate the behavior.

These children's potty training books are our favorites, which ones are on your bookshelf?

Once Upon a Potty

Once Upon a Potty -- Boy by Alona Frankel
Firefly Books/PriceGrabber
A classic book that's been around for over three decades, Once Upon a Potty is the golden standard in potty training books. Available in both a boy and girl version and featuring relatable, likable characters, the text and pictures are simple, but get the message across that young children will understand.
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Everyone Poops

Everyone Poops (My Body Science Series) [Paperback] Taro Gomi
Kane Miller Book Pub/PriceGrabber
Not a potty training book per se (in terms of giving actual directons), but a good (albeit direct) story about the most basic of human functions. Many new potty trainees have trouble pooping on the potty in the beginning and this book may let them see that it pooping is a natural, basic function and one they don't have to worry about. The pictures are a bit gross sometimes, but kids are sure to get a kick out of them.
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I Want My Potty

I Want My Potty [Paperback] Tony Ross (Author)
Kane Miller/PriceGrabber
One of the hurdles of potty training is convincing your child to get out of diapers and to make on the toilet. It sounds simple enough, but when you've got a little one who has been doing something one way for their whole lives, trying to get them to do it a new way isn't always easy. In I Want My Potty a young princess gets orders from the queen herself to start using the potty. Readers follow the stages of potty training, a good way to learn how to go through it themselves.
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No More Diapers for Ducky

No More Diapers for Ducky! [Hardcover] Bernette Ford (Author), Sam Williams (Illustrator)
Boxer Books/PriceGrabber
Sometimes all your preschooler needs is a kind, friendly face to help them get over the hurdle of potty training. No More Diapers for Ducky! is a sweet, simple book that gives your child's reason to get rid of diapers. From following the lead of big kids, to shedding cold and wet diapers, this is a great book for teaching your child about independence.
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Even Firefighters Go to the Potty: A Potty Training Lift-the-Flap Story

Even Firefighters Go to the Potty: A Potty Training Lift-the-Flap Story
Little Simon/PriceGrabber
As a parent, if you can go into potty training with a sense of humor, you'll be all the more better for it. Truly. This funny book is great for a child who is just about potty trained but is having issues with accidents and learning to listen to the "gotta go" feeling. In it, kids learn that everyone -- even firefighters -- have to stop what they are doing and use the toilet.
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The Potty Book (Versions for Boys and Girls available)

The Potty Book (Versions for Boys and Girls available)
Barron's Educational Series/PriceGrabber
Available in nearly identical versions for boys and girls, The Potty Book tells the story of Henry/Hannah and their quest to start using the toilet. The book goes through all the stages of leaning how to use the potty and frustrations and worries that little ones may encounter throughout the process. Straightforward and comforting, it's a good choice.
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Pirate Potty/Princess Potty

The Potty Book (Versions for Boys and Girls available)
Cartwheel Books/PriceGrabber
Pirate Potty and the companion book Princess Potty (compare prices) feature bright, cheerful, colorful stories, fun text and likable characters. These are books kids will want to read -- potty training aside. Both feature a hat or a crown, a reward chart and reward stickers to help the process along.
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