1. Parenting

Preschool Readiness

Is your little one ready to start preschool? Age is an important consideration, but so are many other factors.

Preparing for Preschool
Your little one is about to embark on a great journey -- preschool! Here are some tips to help you both get ready, from reducing anxiety to site visits, from school supplies to required reading.

Is Your Child Ready to Start Preschool?
How do you know when your child is ready to start preschool? Age is a good factor, but there are many other contributing issues to consider. Whether to enroll your child in preschool is a big decision but there are some key indicators that can help you to decide if he's ready to take that first step into a classroom.

What Your Child Needs to Know Before Preschool Starts
What should your child know before he starts preschool? Preparing your child for preschool isn't a complicated task, but there are some things he'll need to know before he begins his academic journey.

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