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Help Getting Your Preschooler to Sleep

All about the zzzz's. Ideas to help your preschooler get a good night sleep so you can too!

Goodnight Preschooler - How to Establish a Bedtime Routine
With so much going on in the world around them, it’s no wonder that the last thing your preschooler wants is to stop the excitement and go to bed. Obviously, a good night’s sleep is crucial for a child’s healthy growth, not to mention sunny disposition. Here's how to get them to go to bed -- willingly.

When Should My Preschooler Stop Napping?
A mom wonders when she can expect her preschooler to stop napping.

Aids to Help Your Child Stay in Bed
Getting a child to stay in bed isn't always easy. These products might help.

Sleep Solutions for Preschoolers
Getting a preschooler to go to bed isn't always easy -- unless you employ these sleep solutions.

Bedtime Books for Preschoolers
These bedtime books for preschoolers are a great way to ease your little one into a good night's sleep.

What is the Best Way to Transition from Crib to Bed?
When and how is the best way to move a little one from crib to bed?

How Do We Say Goodbye to the Family Bed?
Not interested in a family bed? How do deal with late-night visits from your preschooler.

Got Sleep Questions About Your Preschooler? Elmo Has the Answers
Sesame Street's favorite red monster Elmo shares thoughts on why going to sleep isn't always easy for a 3-year-old. (And why you shouldn't ask an opera singer to sing you a lullaby.)

Tips from Sesame Workshop to Help Your Child Sleep
Tips from Sesame Workshop (the creators of "Sesame Street") on how to help your child sleep. From setting a routine to reading stories, these ideas will help your children sleep.

Coping When Your Preschooler has a Nightmare or Night Terror
For a parent, it's heartbreaking when their child has nightmares. Unfortunately, preschoolers are at a prime age for having them. But there are things you can do to help.

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