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From sharing to temper tantrums, from friends real and imaginary -- everything you need to know about your preschooler's social growth.
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Build Your Child's Self Confidence
As a parent, one of your most important jobs is to build your child's self confidence. Here's how.

How Often Should I Let My Child Win?
When you play board games with your preschooler who wins? An answer to the age-old question, should I let my child win?

Types of Play
From independent to parallel, there are many different types of play for your preschooler to engage in. How to tell what your preschooler is doing and when she should hit specific play milestones.

How to Start a Preschool Playgroup
A preschool playgroup is great for your child's socialization skills (and yours too). How to start one.

The Importance of Dress Up Play
Dress up play isn't just fun for preschoolers, it's an important activity that offers them a chance to use their imaginations, build vocabulary skills and gain confidence.

How Can I Encourage My Shy Child?
How to encourage a shy child to participate and learn to relax and enjoy themselves.

Help! My Preschooler Won't Stop Nose Picking!
Just because nose picking in preschoolers is a common habit, it doesn't mean it's a behavior you have to accept. How to stop your child from picking her nose.

Raising a Thankful Child
Great ways to teach your preschool thankfulness and generosity.

Teach Your Preschooler to Share
Teaching a preschooler to share their most valuable possessions -- whether a coveted fire truck or favorite doll -- is a tough challenge for many parents. It doesn't have to be an uphill battle though. Here are some tips and ideas to help instill sharing and cooperation in your young child.

Helping Preschoolers Cope with Post-Holiday Letdown
After the presents have been opened, the songs have been sung and the cookies have all been eaten, many preschoolers have a difficult time transitioning from the euphoric time that the holidays offer back to the day-to-day happenings of life. Here's how to help them get out of their holiday letdown.

How to Volunteer as a Familyily
Teach your preschooler about the importance of making a difference in the community by setting a great example and volunteering as a family. Here are some ideas on how to start.

Everything you need to know about your growing preschooler -- the most pressing issues from physical growth to emotional development.

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