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White House Pets DVD Review (2008, Genius Entertainment)

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Genius Entertainment

White House Pets

Genius Entertainment
  • MPAA Rating: Not Rated
  • Genre: Non-fiction
  • Age range: 4-10 years
  • Runtime: 42 minutes
  • Studio: Genius Entertainment

White House Pets Summary

Bears in the White House? Snakes? Raccoons? Is Washington D.C. our nation's capital or a zoo?

This kid-friendly documentary from Animal Planet tells the story of all the pets that have lived in the White House.

White House Pets Guide Review

My 5-year-old daughter was intrigued by this DVD the second she saw the box. A cute cat and dog adorn the front, but on the back, you'll find a bear, alligator, goat and toucan. She was very interested in finding out if a bear lived with the president and if it was scary.

The movie did not disappoint. From raccoons to snakes, it documents the various pets, domestic and otherwise that have lived in the White House and before, dating back to George Washington.

The movie mixes old newsreels, movies, pictures and video to tell the story of pets in the White House and their influence on the commander-in-chief and his family. Fast-paced, it offers a ton of facts and interesting anecdotes sure to please everyone in the family.

Although my 8-year-old son was very interested, my daughter was less so. I think she was expecting more of a story along the lines of Dr. Dolittle than a documentary. Kid-friendly for sure with lots of images and fun music, the narration may be over the head of anyone under 5 or who has trouble sitting still.

The DVD is a high-quality Animal Planet production. It's very simple -- no bonus features or "automatic play" option.

Overall a good family movie option although you may need to help your preschooler stay interested by drawing their attention to things -- "Could we keep a bear as a pet in our house?" Definitely not a park them in front of the TV while you cook dinner type of film.

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