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Abby in Wonderland DVD Review (2008, Genius Entertainment)

General Information:

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Genius Entertainment

Abby in Wonderland

Genius Entertainment
  • MPAA Rating: Not Rated
  • Genre: Young Children/Fantasy
  • Age range: 2-5 years
  • Runtime: 41 minutes
  • Studio: Genius Entertainment

Abby in Wonderland Summary

In this charming remake of the classic tale Alice in Wonderland your preschooler's favorite Sesame Street characters take a journey to Wonderland. After fairy-in-training Abby Cadabby falls asleep reading a story, she follows Red Rabbit (Elmo) down a rabbit hole where she is transported to another word and meets fun new friends, including Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (Bert and Ernie), The Cheshire Cookie Cat and the Mad Hatter (Grover).

As Abby travels through the enchanted land she must find her magic wand and figure out how she is going to get home. Can she beat the Grouch of Hearts in a game of croquet and get her wand back?

Abby in Wonderland Guide Review

Genius Entertainment

Abby Cadabby and Cookie Monster

Genius Entertainment

We are big Abby Cadabby fans in our house and this DVD on cemented my preschooler's opinion. The movie gets going quickly with lots of actions, fun songs to sing along to and plenty of opportunities to "help" Abby as she rhymes and sings her way through Wonderland. Kids will delight at seeing their favorite muppets "in costume" (Elmo got a real positive response as the Mad Hatter) and will be able to follow the simple story easily. A nice mix of new and old songs will have preschoolers tapping their feet and dancing around the living room.

The DVD itself is simple -- no bonus features or "automatic play" option -- but there was only one short preview before the film (for Sesame Street) so you don't feel like you are sitting through endless commercials. The movie features the high-quality you'd expect from a Sesame Street production -- vivid colors, beautiful, detailed sets and a well-written story. Even on the hundredth viewing, preschoolers are likely to find something new to look at.

The movie is semi-entertaining for an adult that sits and watches it too. When Grover dressed as the Mad Hatter offers Abby Cadabby "a little tea," what she gets is -- well, a "t." Not a bad way to spend 45 minutes on a rainy afternoon.

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