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Power Rangers Coloring Page


Power Rangers Coloring Page featuring Power Rangers Samurai
Power Rangers Coloring Page Power Rangers Samuri

Power Rangers Coloring Page featuring Power Rangers Samuri (click to enlarge)


Power Rangers Samurai on Nickelodeon, follows the Samurai Power Rangers: Red Ranger Jayden, Blue Ranger Kevin, Pink Ranger Mia, Green Ranger Mike, Yellow Ranger Emily and Gold Ranger Antonio. The group comes together using their special powers and tools to fight bad guy Master Xandred and his army of Nighloks who want to flood Earth with the Sanzu River.

But the show, currently in its 19th season, is more than just about watching these superheroes partake in cool adventures and display their fighting moves. Through the Power Rangers and their escapades, kids learn about friendship, reaching your goals and how to be healthy through exercise and eating right (as displayed by the free coloring page above.

Click to enlarge this printable coloring page of the Power Rangers. Power Rangers Samurai airs on Nickelodeon (check local listings). For more information, visit the Power Rangers website.

Courtesy of Saban.

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