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iPhone and iPad Apps for Little Kids

Distracting fun for preschoolers


There are lots of reasons to give your preschooler your iPad, iPhone or iTouch to play with. Maybe a temper tantrum is on the horizon. Maybe you've got a wait at the doctor's office or a long car ride ahead of you. Maybe you just want to expose your little one to new technologies. Whatever your thinking, there are plenty of apps that will keep them entertained and even teach them a thing or two. Costs vary -- some are free and most cost just a dollar or two for the initial purchase. But check with the developer for more details to find out if there is a subscription cost involved.

A Troop is a Group of Monkeys

A Troop is a Group of Monkeys
Little Bahalia Publishing
A Troop is a Group of Monkeys lets preschoolers explore the animal kingdom through plural nouns for animal groups, such as a pride of lions and a parliament of owls. Working on vocabulary skills using bright, colorful graphics and catchy tunes, little ones are able to touch the animals, hear their calls, and watch what they do -- monkeys swing from branch to branch, for example. Designed for kids ages 3-8, the app is the first of three; a hardcover book will be printed in Fall, 2013. ($2.99 at the iTunes store.)

Peppa Pig -- Happy Mrs. Chicken

peppa pig happy mrs. chicken
P2 Games Limited
Young fans of Peppa Pig, the animated series out of the UK, will adore this app, which teaches little ones counting, creative thinking and hand-eye coordination. Featuring five interactive games and a virtual sticker book, the game includes favorite characters including George, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Suzy Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit, and of course, Peppa. The game has been designed for preschoolers to play independently, using touch screen interaction, intuitive game play and audio instructions from the TV series narrator. ($2.99 at the iTunes store.)

Marble Jar

Marble Jar ipad app for kids By winwin LLC
winwin LLC

A great way to keep track of a preschooler's progress in just about anything -- helping around the house, putting away toys, sleeping in their own bed -- is to use a tracking system of some sort, whether it be a sticker chart or beans in a container. Enter Marble Jar, an app for the iPhone, iPod and iPad that lets you electronically track your child's progression as they work towards a goal. You set up how many marbles your child needs to earn a prize and the app does all the work. You can create as many jars as you need -- great for households with multiple kids. ($2.99 at the iTunes store.)

The Truly Great Noodle

The Truly Great Noodle app for kids
Grids Interactive, LLC

When do books come to life? When they are fully interactive ones, like this app from Grids Interactive. The Truly Great Noodle tells the story of Nate, who is having trouble finishing his dinner. Kids can listen to the story being told, record their own voices (or the voice of a parent) and engage with the characters through fun games and activities. Included are nine original songs, plus a link to the company's charitable partner; Kids Against Hunger. ($3.99 on iTunes.)

Elmo Loves ABC’s iPad App

Elmo Loves ABCs iPad App
Sesame Workshop

Your little one can explore the alphabet with furry favorite Elmo and all of his friends, with this app from Sesame Street. Features include 80 classic Sesame Street videos, new Sesame Street videos, letter tracing, coloring pages and a variety of games and sing-a-long songs. The focus of the app is to teach preschoolers upper and lowercase letter recognition while they explore the alphabet in a host of different ways.

PBS KIDS Video for iPad App

PBS Kids Video for iPad app
PBS Kids

This free app from PBS KIDS offers free, streaming access to more than 1,000 videos from top PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS GO! series, including The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That, Dinosaur Train, Super Why, Sid the Science Kid, Sesame Street, Wild Kratts and more. The app also includes tools for parents, including access to local PBS station TV schedules; information about TV series, including intended age and learning goals and the ability to download related educational apps and TV episodes.

Learning Touch FirstWords Apps

first words apps
Learning Touch
With a slate of Apps to choose from, FirstWords from Learning Touch teach little ones how to recognize letters of the alphabet in a variety of different subject matters. Editions include Deluxe, Animals, Shapes, At Home, Vehicles and Christmas. While playing not only are preschoolers learning what the letters look like, but the sounds they make and how they work within the context of words.

Dinosaur Train Eggspress

Dinosaur Train Eggspress
PBS Kids

I have yet to meet a preschooler who isn't enthralled with dinosaurs. And personally, I'm enthralled with the Dinosaur Train Eggspress app for the iPhone and iPad from PBS Kids. Based on the popular television show, the app teaches kids fun facts about dinosaurs, while reviewing matching and logical thinking skills. ($2.99 at the iTunes store.)

Bob Books - Reading Magic

Bob Books App
Bob Books

Here's an an app for your iPhone or iPad that will help your child with their early reading skills while boosting their confidence. The wildly popular Bob Books series have launched an app that work on 32 basic words using friendly characters and a fun, simple story. As your child masters the words, you can increase the difficulty with four different levels. ($1.99 at the iTunes store.)

Handy Manny's Workshop

Handy Manny's Workshop
Handy Manny's Workshop

Four different games test the ability of your preschooler to find matches, color, solve puzzles and find things while a fifth lets kids sing along to the popular "Hop Up, Jump In" song featured on Handy Manny. ($2.99 at the iTunes store.)

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