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Hot Toys and Gifts for Preschoolers

From books to DVDs and puzzles to cars, you'll find something for everyone


While shopping for a preschooler is always fun, it can be overwhelming. From so many things to choose from -- hot toys, classic books, the latest DVDs -- it can be hard to find that perfect gift. Here's a list of top items from every category. You are sure to find something that the little people in your life love.

Hot Holiday Toys of 2013

Sofia the First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends
What's on your preschooler's wish list this year? Chances are you'll find it on this list of the hottest toys for 2013. Favorites include a princess who talks to animals, a not-so-scary monster, and a plane that flies! Check them out!

Top Preschool Board Games

Hi Ho! Cherry-O Game
Top preschool games, both old and new that are sure to lead to a fun time with your little one. Board games are a great teaching tool for preschoolers. Aside from the specific goal of the game (letter and number recognition, early reading) they promote things like taking turns, sharing and being a good sport while encouraging family time. Check out these new offerings and old favorites from your youth.

Outdoor Toys for Preschoolers

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town
PriceGrabber/Little Tikes
Not only are outdoor toys good for keeping your little one active, they are a great imaginative toy for preschoolers -- whether a child is playing alone or with friends, they offer the opportunity to role play, pretend and practice social skills, all while having a good time. Not to mention they help your child work important gross and fine motor skills. Check out these top outdoor toys.

Toys that Promote Learning

Blocks are a great toy that promotes learning in young children.
Keep it simple, sweetie. That's the mantra behind these popular, timeless toys that, despite not having bells, whistles and the latest technology behind them, are old favorites that parents, grandparents and caregivers turn to again and again. From pinwheels to blocks, check out our list of these basic offerings and see if they'd make a good addition to your preschooler's toy box.

Educational Toys for Preschoolers

Alphabet Apple
Learning is fun with these educational toys that promote early academics, as well as important physical and social skills. When it comes to preschoolers, toys are so much more than simple playthings. The right ones can be important tools that assist your little one in learning -- from reinforcing vocabulary building and early math skills to helping develop dexterity and gross and fine motor skills.

Top Non-Toy Gifts for Little Kids

Little Pim Foreign Language Set
Little Pim
Toys are fun, of course they are, but there are plenty of great gifts out there that you won't necessarily keep in a toy box. Check out these offerings of awesome products that aren't "toys" but are more than entertaining!

Best Play Kitchens for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Melissa & Doug Classic Deluxe Kitchen
PriceGrabber/Melissa & Doug
Play kitchens are so much more than a place where your little one can play restaurant and house. They are a place where they can exercise their creative muscles while learning important skills like basic math and vocabulary building as well as social etiquette like taking turns and sharing. These top play kitchens run the gamut in price and size so you are sure to find something that fits your space and budget.

Active Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Your preschooler has a lot of energy. Put it to good use with these top toy picks that will take your little one's natural exuberance and channel it into something productive. Not only do these active toys encourage fitness and physical activity, but they are great for building motor skills and encouraging kids to get some physical activity, both indoors and out.

Electronic Gifts and Games for Preschoolers

LeapFrog Tag Reading System
It might seem like she's too young, but the preschool years are an opportune time to introduce your little one to the world of computers. This compilation of electronic gifts and games gently teach young children about the proper way to use a mouse and keyboard while showing them how fun technology can be.
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