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Hot Holiday Toys 2013 -- Best Toys for Kids


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What are the must-have holiday gifts for kids in 2013?
Check out our list of hot holiday toys for 2013 here.

Is there anything better than a child during the holiday season? Check out our list of hot holiday toys for 2013 here.


What's on your preschooler's toy wish list for the winter holidays? Probably more things you can count. Whether you want to save or splurge on your holiday shopping, there are a whole bunch of choices out there. Our top choices for the hot holiday toys of 2013 run the gamut.

Not just for having fun, playing with toys are an important part of a preschooler's development. They educate, stimulate a little one's imagination and teach important social skills. When purchasing toys for any preschooler, be sure to check the age guidelines -- not important for just safety reasons, but also to make sure the toy isn't too young, which could cause a child to get bored easily, or too old, which could cause them to become frustrated because they don't completely understand how to use it.

Check out our list of age-appropriate, hot holiday toys for 2013. Note that some toys may be appropriate for an older preschooler (aged 5) and not a younger one (aged 3). Other toys may appeal to the younger set and not the older one. Choose what is best for your child. Also note that all prices listed are approximate and can vary by retailer.

For more ideas, check out our Gift Guide for Preschoolers.

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