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Pacifier Weaning Tactics
How to help your child survive the pacifier weaning stage.
10 Types of ‘Play’ Important to...
Play isn't about your preschooler having fun. It's an important part of early childhood development that often sets the tone for how your child learns and socializes in the future. Learn all about the different types of play and when you will start to see your child do them.
Kids Fitness Tips from Olympic Gold Medalist...
Olympic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin shares kids fitness tips, including how to encourage your budding gymnast.
ABCmouse.com: Children's Learning Website Review
A review of ABCmouse.com, an educational website for preschoolers.
How to Make Your Child Become a Better Listener
Does your preschooler really hear what you say? Listening skills are important—they are a significant tool in your child's learning arsenal.
Helping Your Child Have a Great First Day of...
The first day of preschool has arrived and it's time for your child to begin an educational journey that will last nearly two decades. How can you make this monumental first day a great one?
What Happens at a Kindergarten Screening?
Wondering what happens at a kindergarten screening? Read our guide.
How to Manage Preschool Separation Anxiety
Even the most well-adjusted, outgoing children experience preschool separation anxiety. Here's how to cope.
5 Things Your Child Can (and Should!) Bring to...
Chances are your preschooler's teacher will supply a list, but here's some preschool supplies you may want to put in your child's backpack the first day of school.
Preschoolers Love These Characters on Jake and...
Don't know your Hook from your Cubby? Learn more about who's who with this list of characters from Jake and the Never Land Pirates on Disney Junior.
9 Great Starting Preschool Books
If your child is starting preschool this fall, check out some of these starting preschool books to help them get a feel for what it will be like.
Teaching Days of the Week
Wondering how to teach the days of the week? With these songs, games and activities, your preschooler will know his Monday from his Friday in no time!
Elmo's World - Elmo's Favorite Things DVD Review
A new Elmo's World DVD explores all of Elmo's Favorite Things. Check out our review of this Sesame Street DVD.
Sweet Potato Chips
Sweet potato chips are a great alternative to regular potato chips, and when you make them homemade they are an even more healthy kids snack.
Head Start
Introduced in 1964 by President Lyndon Johnson, Head Start is a federally-funded program targeting children ages 3-5 and providing a variety of services.
Family-friendly Christmas Apps
Get into the holiday spirit with these family-friendly Christmas apps for your smartphone. From countdowns to list makers, they'll make the season bright!
Looking for the kids snack alternative to chips and dip? Give hummus and pita bread (or pretzels or crackers or veggies) a try.
50 Fun Things to Do Outside with Kids
Got a beautiful day and don't know how to fill it? Check out this list of 50 fun things to do outside with your family!
Frozen Bananas
This sweet frozen treat makes for a great kids snack.
Characters from Disney's Winnie the Pooh Movie
All the details on your preschooler's favorite characters from Disney's Winnie the Pooh movie.
Parenting a 3-Year-Old
Social and emotional development in three year olds is an exciting part of growing up. How to guide your little one as she learns to make friends and interact with the world around her. Page 2.
5 Things Your Child Should Know Before Starting...
What should your child know before starting school? Preparing your child for preschool isn't a complicated task, but there are some things he'll need to know before he begins his academic journey.
Teaching Months of the Year
Wondering how to teach the months of the year? With these songs, games and activities, your preschooler will know his January from his December in no time!
Five Child Discipline Methods for Preschoolers
When your child misbehaves, it can be hard to figure out the best way to handle it. These child discipline methods will help change your little one's behavior going forward.
Do You Know These Popular Characters from Dora...
Over the past ten years, Dora the Explorer has met a lot of interesting characters. Map shows her where to go on her adventures. Page 4.
Is Your Child Ready for Preschool? 7 Things to...
For many kids, preschool is the first step to becoming a big kid. But how do you know when your child is ready to start? Age is a good factor, but there are many other contributing issues to consider.
Is Your Child Demanding or Bossy? How to Handle...
If you find yourself living with a bossy child, it's likely you are raising a preschooler. While common, it's still annoying. How to handle with it.
My Little Pony Coloring Pages
A free My Little Pony Rainbow Dash coloring page for you to print for your preschooler. The page is courtesy of The Hub network, which airs My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.
Homemade "Jake the Never Land Pirates"...
To make your own homemade Halloween pirate costume featuring Izzy from Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Cars 2 Characters
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2.
When Is It Time to Switch from a Car Seat to a...
Switching your child from a car seat to a booster seat? Make sure you know the guidelines first.
Cheese Quesadillas
A kids snack that packs a nutritional punch. Whether you serve them plain or mix them up, this never-fail favorite can even be served up as a meal.
What You Need to Know About the USDA MyPlate
Say goodbye to the food pyramid and hello to the food plate. The new MyPlate from the U.S. Department of Agriculture was designed to help people make better food choices. Here's how to use it to best feed your little one.
The Best Ball Games to Improve Your Child's...
When you are the parent to a preschooler, having fun is something you'll do every day. But what if you could have fun and help your child develop important motor skills? These ball games for preschoolers will do just that!
Everything You Should Ask During a Preschool...
Preschool interviews allow the teachers and staff to get to know your child a little better, but they are also a prime opportunity for you to ask some questions of your own. Here are a list of questions to ask when you go on your preschool interview.
Friday Find: Squatchi
Three random facts about me and Mr. S.: I like to do most of my shopping online. Mr. S. LOVES shopping for shoes. I hate buying shoes online (at
5 Ways to Encourage Your Shy Child
How to encourage a shy child to participate and learn to relax and enjoy themselves.
How to Establish a Bedtime Routine
Tired of the bedtime battles? A bedtime routine will help your preschooler go to bed willingly. Here's how.
The Interrupt Rule
It can be frustrating when your preschooler interrupts you while you are speaking . Whether you are talking
How to Have a Great First Day of Preschool
From setting the tone the night before to making sure you have the right supplies, here's how to help your child have a great first day of school.
8 Fun Music Activities for Preschoolers
Preschool music activities that make playing with your preschooler more fun than usual.
Transitioning to Preschool
Transitioning to preschool is a big step for both kids and parents. How to help the process go smoothly.
Learning to Get Dressed
At what age can a child dress themselves? Usually during the preschool years. Here's how to help your little one as she is learning to get dressed.
Meet New Disney Princess, 'Sofia the First'
New Disney Princess Sofia the First - New Disney Movie - New Disney Series - Preschool Princess Sofia the First
3 Easy Recipes for Homemade Bubble Solution
Homemade bubbles are easy to make, inexpensive and most of all -- lots of fun to play with! Check out our ideas for different types -- including colored bubbles! Plus, ten ideas for homemade bubble wands!
Kellogg's Rice Krispies ® Mini Meatball...
Kellogg's Rice Krispies for dinner? Why not with this fun slider recipe!
Preparing for Preschool
Your little one is about to embark on a great journey -- preschool! Here are some tips to help you both get ready, from reducing anxiety to site visits, from school supplies to required reading.
Preschool Soccer -- Tips for Coaches and Parents
Volunteered to coach preschool soccer? Here's a basic primer of what to do and expect to introduce your preschooler to the world of kids sports.
20 Tips for Preschoolers Starting School
Whether your little one is starting preschool or returning for another year, these back to school tips will help you have a great year!
5 Things Your Child Should Not Bring to Preschool
There are so many items your child will need to bring to preschool with them, but there are also some things he should leave at home. Here's a basic guide.
11 Top Tips for Throwing a Preschool Birthday...
A birthday is a big deal -- especially for your little one. And if you decide to throw a party, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed at all the options available and all the planning you need to do. Here are some time-tested, kid-approved tips for making your bash a memorable, stress-free affair.
What To Do the Night Before the First Day of...
So tomorrow is the big day -- the first day of preschool! Here's how setting a positive tone the night before can lead to success.
Dealing With a Tattletale
Preschoolers love to tell on people. Part of their social development, tattling is a way for your little one to exercise her moral compass. But let's face it, it's a behavior that can be really annoying. Here's how to deal with a tattletale.
Teaching Sight Words to Preschoolers
A list of preschool sight words, as well as strategies to help you teach them to your beginning reader.
Back-to-School Supplies for Preschoolers
From backpacks to crayons, top supplies to help your preschooler start the school year off right.
Inexpensive Teacher Gifts – Ideas for...
Wondering how to say thank you to your favorite teacher, coach, or parent volunteer? These inexpensive teacher gifts are both thoughtful and easy on your wallet.
Nickelodeon Announces Plans for a New Dora
Wondering what the new tween Dora the Explorer is all about? Get the latest news and updates here.
8 Indoor Games Preschoolers Love
When the weather outside is frightful, but you've got an active preschooler, try one of these indoor games to keep them happy and busy.
9 Fun-Filled Kids Playhouses
Nine of the top playhouses for preschoolers and toddlers, by Little Tikes, Step 2 and others, with links to compare prices.
Teaching a Preschooler to Stop Hitting
Advice on how to get your preschooler to stop hitting and learn to express his emotions in other ways.
Transformers Rescue Bots Activity Page
Free Transformers Rescue Bots coloring and activity pages courtesy of The Hub network.
Parenting an Oppositional Child
Tired of hearing the word. Parenting Preschoolers.
7 Ways to Build a Child's Vocabulary
Before a child can learn to read, they need to have a good understanding of basic words and what they mean. There are very easy ways that you can build a preschooler's vocabulary and introduce early reading concepts. Here are some vocabulary-building activities that will help you teach your child new words.
How to Start Potty Training
Think your little one is ready to start potty training? Here is how to begin the process.
Are Kids' Sports Good for Preschoolers?
Is a preschooler too young to enroll in a kids' sports program? Which organized sports are good for little kids?
Popular Characters from Peppa Pig
All the details on your preschooler's favorite characters from the Nick Jr show Peppa Pig.
The Importance of Dress Up Play
Dress up play isn't just fun for preschoolers, it's an important activity that offers them a chance to use their imaginations, build vocabulary skills and gain confidence.
How to Be a Class Parent
Want to be a part of your child's educational experience? Become a class parent.
How to Set Up a Reward System for Children
Want to encourage good behavior from your preschooler? Consider setting up a reward system.
How to Stop an Interrupting Child
Your preschooler has a lot to say, you just wish he wouldn't do it while you are talking to someone else. How to teach an interrupting child to stop.
Healthy Drinks for Kids
Many kids love juice, soda, and other sugary drinks, but they aren't good for you. Try one of these alternatives instead.
New Disney Junior Channel to Launch
The new Disney Junior channel will launch in 2012. Find out all the details, including the projected lineup.
How to Stop Temper Tantrums
Common for the preschool set, temper tantrums are something all parents dread. Here's how to stop temper tantrums and learn to keep your cool when your child is losing control.
Fun Facts About Dora the Explorer
Dora the Explorer debuted on Nickelodeon on August 14, 2000 and children's television (and pop culture) haven't been the same since. Fourteen fun facts to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Dora the Explorer.
How to Potty Train a Boy
A reader wonders how to potty train her toddler boy -- most specifically, how can she teach her son to pee standing up?
Who Are the Most Popular Super Why! Characters?
Want to get your preschooler on the path to becoming a "super reader?" Try having her watch Super Why!
10 Ways to Help Your Child Have a Great Year in...
Starting preschool? Want to ensure your child has a great experience at preschool and through her whole academic career? Check out these school success strategies.
Learning to Be Fire Smart
Mom to four and actress Holly Robinson Peete shares her tips on keeping your home safe from fire.
Popular Characters from Bubble Guppies
All the details on your preschooler's favorite characters from the Nick Jr. show Bubble Guppies.
Should You Buy the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer...
Tablets for kids? A popular option (rather than handing over your own pricey device) is the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Tablet. Read our review.
It's Clean Up Time! Teaching Your Preschooler...
An important part of a young person’s development, cleaning up helps develop your preschooler's sense of responsibility; how a child learns to clean up now sets the stage for how they will complete the chore as they get older. If you are constantly picking up after your child at this age, they’ll learn to always expect it. Here’s how to make the task run smoothly.
Kindergarten Preparation Activities
Learning activities to aid in your little one's kindergarten preparation.
25 Games and Activities to Play in the Rain
Don't let a little water dampen your fun! These games and activities that you play in the rain will liven up any wet weather!
How to Start a Preschool Playgroup
Being part a preschool playgroup can help your child develop important socialization skills as she learns to play with other children in a setting outside of home or school. The bonus -- you may make some friends too! How to start one.
Who Are the Disney Princesses?
Learn more about the Disney Princesses -- Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Aurora, Snow White, Ariel, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Fa Mulan, Tiana, Medida and Rapunzel!
Help! My Preschooler Won't Stop Nose Picking!
Just because nose picking in preschoolers is a common habit, it doesn't mean it's a behavior you have to accept. How to stop your child from picking her nose.
Transitioning to Kindergarten
Kindergarten transition is a major step for all preschoolers (and their parents!). How to handle this important developmental milestone.
A definition of redirection, a positive discipline technique.
Toy Subscription Services
Do your child's toys need a makeover? Consider toy subscription services which deliver either new or new-to-you toys and crafts to your door every month. A review of some of the options.
How Do I Stop a Preschool Bully?
Kids, even small, cute ones, can be mean. Here are tips to help your child if he or she is being targeted by a preschool bully.
Free My Little Pony Activity Sheets
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic tells the story of six ponies -- Twilight Sparkle and her dragon
How To Teach Your Preschooler to Share
Teaching a preschooler to share their most valuable possessions -- whether a coveted fire truck or favorite doll -- is a tough challenge for many parents. It doesn't have to be an uphill battle though. Here are some tips and ideas to help instill sharing and cooperation in your young child.
Curriculum (Preschool Curriculum)
A definition of the term curriculum and how it relates to preschool.
What Does My Child Learn in Preschool?
What does my child learn in preschool? That's a pretty common question asked by many parents. Find out the answer here.
Starting a School Morning Routine
If your little one goes to preschool or daycare, a morning routine can help get you out the door faster. Here's how to start one.
8 Awesome Backyard Swing Sets for Kids
Looking for fun in your own backyard? Consider buying your preschooler one of these swing sets.
What to Do When a Child Bites
When a child bites it can be devastating for a parent. What to do, what not to do (bite back) and how to handle the situation so it doesn't happen again.
Teaching Your Preschooler Table Manners
It's important to teach your preschooler table manners now so as they get older, they have good social skills. The key to early etiquette is to be a good role model.
Truth and Consquences -- Why Preschoolers Lie
All preschoolers lie occasionally. And although lying is a normal part of a child’s development, it’s something you can't overlook. As a parent, it’s your job to teach honesty. In order to deal with the situation, you need to know a) why your little Pinocchio is lying and b) how to teach him to value honesty. Here’s how.
Nigel Gearsley
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2. Page 28.
Lightning McQueen (voice of Owen Wilson)
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2.
Gross Motor Skills
Learn more about gross motor skills and why they are important to your preschooler.
Sheriff (voice of Michael Wallis)
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2. Page 11.
Uncle Topolino (voice of Franco Nero)
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2. Page 33.
Jeff Gorvette (voice of Jeff Gordon)
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2. Page 25.
Acer (voice of Peter Jacobson)
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2. Page 32.
How Can I Make Adjusting to Preschool Easier...
Your little one seems to like preschool -- going willingly without much fuss. But at home she's behaving differently. Could adjusting to preschool be to blame?
Rip Clutchgoneski
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2. Page 29.
Help Your Child Learn How to Use the Toilet for...
Is your child having some potty training problems? Check out our potty training secrets that will help your child learn how to use the toilet and restore your sanity!
Mater (voice of Larry the Cable Guy)
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2. Page 2.
Minnie Mouse Coloring Pages - Mickey Mouse...
Free Minnie Mouse activity page featuring Mickey Mouse Clubhouse friends courtesy of Disney. Page 2.
Carla Veloso
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2. Page 24.
A Review of the Polaroid 2 Tablet for Kids
Pre-loaded with apps and affordable, the Polaroid 2 Tablet for kids is a great technology option for preschool-age children and beyond.
Darrell Cartrip (voice of Darrell Waltrip)
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2. Page 26.
How to Prepare Your Preschooler for a New Baby
The arrival of a new sibling is a big event in the life of a preschooler -- probably one of the biggest they have experienced so far. They are likely to be feeling lots of different emotions, from happiness to confusion to downright jealously. Here's how to help them learn to welcome a new baby and adjust as your family grows.
Flo (voice of Jenifer Lewis)
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2. Page 10.
Professor Z (voice of Thomas Kretschmann)
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2. Page 30.
Grem (voice of Joe Mantegna)
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2. Page 31.
Free Earth Day Printables
Want to start teaching your preschooler about Earth Day? This Earth Day coloring page from ABCmouse.com is a good start.
How To Organize a Toy Swap or Toy Exchange
Let's face it. Toys can be expensive. And if you are like most parents, you probably have a whole pile
David Hobbscap (voice of David Hobbs)
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2. Page 27.
Discipline Techniques for Young Children
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How to Save on Household Expenses
Smart tips on how to save on household expenses -- starting today!
Looking for a healthy kids lunch or kids snack recipe? The once-humble sandwich has gotten a makeover!
Teaching Manners to Children: Learning "Nice"...
A big part of teaching manners to children is adding some important words into their vocabulary.
8 Steps to Choosing the Right Preschool for...
There is a lot to consider when you are choosing a preschool for your child. From academics and curriculum to the length of day and cost, there are a lot of options to weigh. Here's how to get started.
Family Outing Fun
Looking for something to do with your preschooler? Check out this list of cool places to visit for some family outing fun.
Universal Pre-K
A definition of Universal Pre-K.
Why Kids Tease and How to Help Your Child...
Unfortunately, kids who tease are a fact of life, even at a young age. Here's how to help your preschooler cope.
Mama Topolino (voice of Vanessa Redgrave)
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2. Page 34.
Kids Snacks Your Preschooler Will Love
Whether you are looking for an after-school treat or something to tide your little one over until dinner, these kids snacks taste good and are good for you.
Bank Street Method
A definition of the Bank Street Method
Fine Motor Skills
Learn more about fine motor skills and why they are important to your preschooler.
25 Silly April Fools' Pranks You Can Play on...
Fun April Fools Day prank ideas to play on your kids!
Playground Safety for Preschoolers
Playground safety isn't child's play and shouldn't be taken lightly. Here's what to look for at your local park or even your own backyard swing set.
Fun Climbing Toys for Preschoolers
Climbing toys are a great way let your preschooler engage in some active play. Here are our top choices for climbers.
Easy Snack Ideas for when the Kiddies Come Home...
Great ideas for back-to-school snacks -- after school, in a lunchbox or just because.
Physical Activity and Fitness for Preschoolers
Sure your little one is busy, but is she active enough? Try some of these fun activities and learn why structured physical activity for preschoolers is so important.
Summer Activities for Preschoolers
From catching bugs to running through the sprinklers, the many summer activities for preschoolers that are conducive to warm weather are also great for building important skills in your child like hand-eye coordination and gross and fine motor skills. Here's a to-do list of fun for you and and your child to work on together.
Tomber (voice of Michel Michelis)
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2. Page 35.
A definition of scaffolding as it pertains to early education.
Spanking Children
Spanking children is one of the most controversial forms of discipline that there is. But is it effective?
Sally (voice of Bonnie Hunt)
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2. Page 3.
Help! My Child Won't Poop on the Potty
A reader writes in wondering how to help her otherwise potty trained three-year-old son who will not poop on the potty.
Ramone (voice of Cheech Marin)
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2. Page 9.
How to Volunteer as a Family
Volunteering as a family is rewarding in so many ways. Not only are you helping others, but you are teaching your preschooler about the importance of how even small gestures can make a big difference in the community. Here's how to get started.
Topper Deckington III
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2. Page 41.
Pinion Tanaka
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2. Page 38.
20 Fine Motor Preschool Activities
Fine motor preschool activities to help your little one develop these important skills.
Luigi (voice of Tony Shalhoub)
Don't know your Mater from your McQueen? Check out our guide to the characters in Cars 2. Page 4.
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