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Reader Submissions: First Day of Preschool Pictures and Stories


We asked you to send in your first day of preschool photos and stories. Below you'll find a gallery of reader submissions. Be sure to share yours!

Ready to Say Goodbye!

He loved it. He went for 1 hour with me the first day. The next time it was 1 hour alone. Then a full 6 hours alone. He slept 3 hours when he got home and was still in bed before 8 that night. He tol…More

The Toys are the Best Part!

She was fine the first day. Very calm and seemed happy but quiet. She liked the toys. This made it easy to walk out the door at the right time.She is the youngest child out of a large family, so play…More

Easy for Son and for Mom? Well...

The morning went really well. Ethan was excited and so was I. I put him in the stroller (we lived in Manhattan, and the school was a hike) and we had a fun walk to school. When we arrived at the clas…More

A Preschool Pro!

He attends a wonderful church preschool that is accredited through the Association for the Education of Young Children. We attend church there too, so he's very familiar with the classrooms and many …More

Preparation is the Key to a Great Day!

It went great. Keith really likes the structure of the school day. He was happy to be getting back on the bus. He loves to hug all of the teachers, bus drivers, other workers at school. He's really i…More

Didn't Want to Leave!

She cried...when I brought her home. She didn't want to leave.The first 3 days were chaotic for us, though since they did a transitional schedule - one hour first day, one hour the second day, 3 hour…More

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