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Readers Respond: Favorite Holiday Family Traditions

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Whatever holidays your celebrate during the winter season, you are sure to have favorite family traditions that the whole family enjoys. From Thanksgiving prayers to New Year's resolutions, moms and dads are sharing what makes the holidays special for their families. Share Your Fun!

Christmas Pajama Tradition

We follow the tradition of the pajama elves , where elves sew magical pajamas and deliver them to good children on Christmas Eve. The pajamas are stitched with elf magic that will guarantee the children a good night’s sleep so Santa can visit unnoticed. * Added bonus – cute pics of the kids Christmas morning in coordinating jammies.

Christmas Tree Cutting

We visit a Christmas tree farm and cut down our own tree. Once we are finished we go out for lunch and then go home and start to decorate it. The kids have so much fun. They take turns putting the star on top. This year will be the first time my 3 year old gets to do it. I think he will love it!
—Guest Carrie W.

Thanksgiving Circle

Every year before we eat our thanksgiving dinner, we stand in the living room holding hands. Each person gets to take a turn and say what they are most thankful for.
—Guest ThankfulTerry

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Favorite Holiday Family Traditions

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