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Readers Respond: Which Preschool Supplies Will You Put in Your Child's Backpack?

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What school supplies will you include in your preschooler's backpack on the first day of school? Readers respond -- add your tips! Share Your Supply List

Prek 2013-2014 School year

1bookbag, I large towel, 1 containers of baby wipes, 1large container of hand sanitizer, 4 pack Dry Erase Markers, 1 box of kleenex, 3 pack clorox wipes, 1 box of large crayon, 1 set change of clothing
—Guest Bernice Cohens

BackPack Requirements

A change of clothes (in case of an accident), a sweater they could leave at school, a pair of running shoes they could leave a school - really in preschool there is no requirements for any type of books, pens etc.
—Guest Nasty

A candy bag

A candy bag for share with the teacher and the new friends
—Guest Magali

A Change of Clothes

Sure they're potty trained but accidents happen -- especially with all that crying and excitement!
—Guest Anna

Share Your Supply List

Which Preschool Supplies Will You Put in Your Child's Backpack?

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