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Readers Respond: What Are Your Bedwetting Remedies?

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From the article: How To Prevent Bedwetting
Even children that have been potty trained for a while still often have trouble staying dry at night. And although this behavior is worrisome, it's pretty normal for young children this age. Still, it's something that can be upsetting for everyone. If your little one had trouble staying dry at night, what are some bedwetting remedies that helped?

bed wetting

Not to punish but be nice for the first time when she went we told her and took her potty again. then she began to realize to go the bathroom with night lights but she did not wet anymore. she is know 6.5 and still says rarley that she had an accident.
—Guest guest 556

Limit Liquids, But Don't Sweat It

Limiting liquids helped, but basically we just coped. It's not as if the kid is doing it on purpose--at least, not most of the time!
—Guest Siouxsie

Other issues

Night lights and limited drinks worked really well for us, but I also noticed that the issue seemed to crop up when other things were happening in my kids' lives, a spat with a friend at preschool, or any kind of emotional upset. Talking about the emotional upset helped resolve the bedwetting issue far more than anything else.
—Guest Jackie

I don't think of it as a problem

My 41/2 year old potty trained before she was 2, but she still wears a pull up at night (and if she's napping). I've never pushed the issue. It doesn't seem important at all to me. She is a very very sound sleeper. I'd prefer her to sleep well and wear a pull off than get up in the middle of the night.
—Guest Jenna

Don't Let Them Come in Bed With You

My oldest, now 10 years past bed wetting, recently admitted that she occasionally wet the bed on purpose because we always let her sleep in our bed when she did. Her bed was wet and our bed was big, so it was an easy solution for us. It never occurred to me she could be so sneaky!
—Guest LAMB

Limit Beverages After Dinner

Our quick fix was to simply make sure our daughter wasn't drinking beverages after she ate dinner (as well as reminding her to go to the bathroom just before bedtime).

Light a Clear Path to the Bathroom

My oldest had this trouble off and on until we realized that she didn't like the idea of going to the bathroom in the dark. Once we lit a clear path down the hall for her with nightlights, she was fine.
—Guest Libby
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