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Readers Respond: How Do You Help Your Child Believe in Santa Claus?

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Most preschoolers readily and happily accept the story of Santa Claus. But as they get older and meet more children, some may begin to question his existence. How do you help your child believe in Santa? Has your little one ever questioned whether or not Santa was real? How did you respond?

Where's the Christ in CHRISTmas

It would be more acceptable to tell your kids the truth about why CHRISTmas is even celebrated in the first place. The article says to" Explain that although Santa Claus isn't a real person, the idea, love and generosity behind him is very real, and that's what makes Christmas so special. And reassure her that Christmas will still be the wonderful celebration -- complete with decorations, a tree, presents and festivities -- that she's always experienced." Ok one what makes Christmas so special is Jesus's birthday. The idea of love and generosity behind Jesus is very real. and Christmas will always be a wonderful celebration whether presents and decorations are involved or not. Parents push the idea of Santa on their kids because they want to keep their kids naive, because they feel that to be naive is to have an innocent child like mind, and when they no longer believe in Santa means that they are "growing up". In actuality it's more heartbreaking for the parents to tell kids he's not.
—Guest skillciaX

Try not to panic!

I had a similar instance to the question-asker when my son walked in on me opening gifts. I had to do some smooth talking, but eventually I got him to leave. He was about 6 at the time. He still believed after that for a year or two, but I think he had his doubts. I even didn't give him one gift that he saw so he would believe my story. It made me sad when he asked me to tell him the truth, but he actually seemed relieved. And he helps me with his younger sister who is 4 and is in the throws of Santa right now. I think he has more fun surprising her!
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