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Readers Respond: Is Parental Nudity OK?

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Do you shower with your preschooler or does being naked in front of your child make you feel uncomfortable? When it comes to young children, parental nudity isn't harmful, but some parents don't like it. How do you handle parental nudity in your house?

Family nudity is suppose to be normal.

I'm nude all the time at home. If my family even sees me with socks on or anything else on, they ask me if there was a problem. Nudity is suppose to be normal, but after time, we as humans became ashamed of ourselves. You are comfortable and want freedom in your on house, why wear clothes?
—Guest Dragondenoir

Any and All Nudity is Fine

My at home policy is simple - there is nothing wrong with being nude, its the way we were created. I have no problem with the kids, my parents, or anyone else seeing me nude. I sleep nude, do most anything around the house nude, and rarely wear clothes when I get home. If the kids, or the niece and nephew see me like this, there's no problem at all. Thier parents do it too, walking around in their underclothes or with nothing on, so why not? There's nothing wrong with it, just teach them how to deal with those that wear clothes and don't like thier comfort levels of nudity.
—Guest Guest Surveyor

any time, all the time

i have been naked for the majority of my life! I am proud of my body, even though not perfect. I am a father of three beautiful children. Ages range from 7-12. I have been nude around them all their lives. I recently asked them to express to me if they felt uncomfortabke with me being nude, they stated no. They all said it like they were wondering why i would ask such a question. I have wonderful children to which know right from wrong, so nudity in my life, has never been an issue
—Guest nudedad


I am a mother of a 15 year old son, a 4 year old daughter and a 19 month old son. Nudity is natural and shouldn't be thought of anything different. I think you need to take your Childs ques and each child will be different. When your child starts feeling uncomfortable them you stop but you need to set healthy body image confidence and make sure you have a continuous talk about who is aloud to see us naked . Open communication is key.
—Guest RockiD

Nudity is no big deal

Nudity is no big deal at any age. It is only societies that insist on teaching children that the human body is something to be ashamed of that have any problem and the results are little short of catastrophic. Attitudes have consequences. To see the results of these attitudes try comparing the teenage pregnancy rate of the USA with that of Denmark and then think long and hard about the attitudes which result in such enormous differences. This debate reflects those differences. NB it is not just teenage pregnancy, it is every body related indicator that we have ever looked at. It is not just USA and Denmark, it is every international comparison that we have looked at. The evidence is crystal clear concerning the causes and the differences in outcomes are enormous. Often outcomes in the more prudish countries are tens of times worse.
—Guest Malcolm

Take your child's cues

I have friends who were nude in front of their kids and vice versa until the kids reached near puberty (about 8 or so). But I personally decided to stop being nude in front of my little boy when he declared that he loved my boobs and vagina (yikes!). He was 4. Whatever you think works for your family, the most important thing is that all parties are comfortable. And try to convey to your child a comfort level with your own body; loving one's own body is a message that she will carry with her all her life.
—Guest SaKat

Comfort Levels Differ

I don't thing that one answer fits every family because comfort levels differ. In our family, parental nudity began to seem uncomfortable when our kids were 3 or 4, so at that point, we became less casual about it.
—Guest MamaLiz

It's totally fine for preschoolers

I think parental nudity is a must for a mom with little ones! I wouldn't leave my toddler alone in another room, but I need to take a shower. When our kids start to ask about certain body parts or display discomfort themselves with our nudity, then we know it's time to cover up. By then (age 4 or so) they are old enough to be trusted in the playroom while I take a quick shower.

I Have to Get Dressed Some Time!

I'm a mom of a preschooler and a newborn. In my house, it's impossible to take care of myself while taking care of my boys without having to be nude at some point in front of them. I would never be able to get out of my pajamas if I waited until my kids weren't around to get dressed! I don't stroll around the house naked. And it's not like they're 17 years old. Of course, I'd prefer to have some privacy but that's rarely a possibility with kids these ages.
—Guest MomOfBoys

OK for a Bit or if You're Scandinavian

I think that it depends on the person and their comfort level and the child's comfort, too. I nursed my son till he was 4 years old, and sometimes he would shower with me at that age if we were both needing one at the same time. If I was changing clothes and he was in the room, I didn't freak out and cover up. But that same year, closer to turning 5, all that stopped. He started to think all that stuff was funny and he and his friends were always laughing about butts and snickering about all the words for penis or passing gas. Wieners and poots. Wingwangs and farts. All the time. So it just felt natural to be more modest about everything. It just flowed kind of naturally. He hasn't seen me naked since he was 4 and I haven't seen him that way since he was like 10. Now, my step-mother, she was practically a nudist and would even be naked in front of my friends. I know that works in other countries, but they handle nudity differently altogether. We don't. I was scarred for life!
—Guest Stephanie

It depends on the family

I really think there isn't a black and white answer to this. Up until my daughter turned 3, we were pretty free with nudity, but now we are focusing on modesty. My husband no longer is nude in front of our girls, and we do our best that he does not seem them nude either. As for me, eh, I do ask for privacy but it isn't really on my radar as much, since we are the same gender. Again, I think it has to do with individual family values - perhaps one family desires to inspire modesty, another may value teaching comfort with self.
—Guest JBmomma
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